X Factor, live tonight: 9.15 pm on Sky Uno

The music is done live, on the X Factor stage. From today, Thursday 28 October, Live starts with Carmen Consoli as guest of the first episode (Coldplay for the final!). Appointment at 9.15 pm on Sky Uno and streaming on NOW

After six weeks of selections, the music is done live, on the stage of X Factor 2021.

From today, Thursday 28 October, every 21.15 on Sky Uno and streaming on NOW, at the start i Live of the Sky show that presents itself at the starting blocks with the great news of theabolition of the division into traditional categories: 4 rosters, 12 competitors in total, and among them no other division. No categories by gender or age, no barriers, no limits, with the exception of the only rule to be respected: in each roster there are at least one soloist and one band.

For the judges Emma, Hell Raton, Manuel Agnelli, Mika, the choice of the 3 components to bring into the team was complex and heartfelt, but all let themselves be guided by their intuition and their experiences to identify the most convincing artistic and musical projects for them, the only key to making the decisive choice in the Home Visit. Leading the show Ludovico Tersigni: dfter having accompanied the judges in the early stages, Ludovico will be alongside the young emerging artists with whom he has established a bond of complicity in recent months.

The X Factor 2021 season will be full of extraordinary guests episode after episode e each will give life to a set created exclusively for X Factor.

Carmen Consoli guest for the first live. For the final there are Coldplay

Guest in the first Live will be Carmen Consoli, who with her latest album “Volevo fare la rockstar” has conquered audiences and critics and is now ready to start with the tour that will lead the way to the new season of live music.

International super guests of the final will be the Coldplay, the number 1 band in the world that recently released “Music of Spheres”, the ninth studio album that went straight to no. 1 of the UK ranking. It is the first album to exceed 100,000 copies sold in a week since 2019 and the album that has sold the most since its release in 2021. This work was preceded by two global hits, Higher Power, over 260 million streaming and for 6 weeks at the top of the Italian radio ranking, e My Universe, the single with BTS that debuted at no. 1 on the Billboard chart

In the creative team that first imagines and then concretely creates the music and television show, the acclaimed ones return – last year – Lasso and Shake, exponents of the Modulo Project, an artistic community that has distinguished itself over the years for its success in the world of entertainment and entertainment.

I Live at the Repower Theater in Assago. The final at the Forum

The # XF2021 Live Shows will take place at the Repower Theater of Assago, on the outskirts of Milan. A theater that, in 60 days of work, was almost completely dismantled and rearranged for an area of 4000 square meters of which 600 of stage (the equivalent of 3 padel courts and almost 4 volleyball courts). The stage system has 3 ground supports, 30 metal carpentry structures, 500 square meters of Ledwall, 2 km of scenoluminoso, 1000 luminous bodies (all led). The studio has 180 Radio Channels, 800 Audio Channels and 4 audio directories. And then, around the theater, the Citadel of X Factor 2021 develops: almost 5000 square meters of spaces that host production, assembly, dressing rooms, props, ballroom, tailoring and all that is necessary for the realization of the seven spectacular Live Shows. There are 500 people, including employees and suppliers, who work every day on the production of the program, of these 60 are the specialized (carpenters, blacksmiths, set designers, designers, graphic designers) for the realization of all the staging.

And for the X Factor 2021 Final, it’s back to Mediolanum Forum of Assago for one last spectacular Live Show that will decide the winner of this edition.


Hot Factor with Paola Di Benedetto

The two events accompanying the Live are back this year, with great news: Hot Factor, first conducted by Paola Di Benedetto, one of the most appreciated voices of RTL 102.5, among the media partners of # XF2021, who will lead the space dedicated to the hot comments of judges and contestants immediately after the end of the show; and it is already on the air Daily, the day by day story of the work of each competitor and the judges, from the assignment to the tests, up to the live performance and post-episode comments, but also the images of their everyday life collected in first person through their smartphones.

I Live every Thursday on Sky Uno

I Live Show from X Factor 2021 they will be every Thursday at 9.15 pm on Sky Uno, always available on demand, visible on Sky Go and streaming on NOW; the Wednesday following the first on air, they will then be offered in prime time on TV8.

I quattro roster

Those starting on Thursday 28 will be seven evenings of great live music which will lead to the proclamation of the winner of the 2021 edition of X Factor.

A path in which each judge and each roster will be supported as usual by a producer: together every week they will choose and assign the tracks to the boys in the competition, prepare with them the performances in the rehearsal room and refine them to arrive at the Thursday night Live. And for them the first Live will be particularly important: the 12 competitors officially competing, in fact, will make themselves known by proposing only their original songs, a real manifesto of their artistic project. The 12 tracks will be available in the album X FACTOR MIXTAPE VOL. 2 (Sony Music Italy) which will be released on the night of Thursday 28, as soon as the first Live ends.

Emma’s team

Emma’s roster, and the common need to “say” through music using the centrality of writing. Three powerful songs, three unique artists, producer Frenetik & Orang3.

  • The Endrigo: Brescians between 27 and 29 years old with a long apprenticeship behind them, who changed the article in the name – from “gli” to “le” – strongly believing in the value of inclusion.
  • gIANMARIA: 18-year-old from Vicenza with blond hair, with her complex worldview – which is reflected in her music and lyrics – she has conquered everyone since the Auditions.
  • Voucher LP: the name stands for “Worth it”; 23 year old student from Caserta, arrives at # XF2021 bringing her desire to make music, but also an accurate work on the lyrics.


Hell Raton’s team

The roster of Hell Raton focuses on a work on the Crossover between songwriting with sonortià and approaches to the rap and urban world. Manuelito will work with a team of producers consisting of Ale Treglia, Jacopo Volpe e SIXPM.

  • Baltimore: born Edoardo Spinsante, 20 years old from Ancona, a little nerdy student with an interesting voice and pen who plays piano and guitar and also enjoys production.
  • Karakaz: 21/29 years old, they come from Milan, Bassano del Grappa, Ala (Trento) and Ventimiglia. Michele, the frontman, has a shady attitude but on stage he brings out his rock soul.
  • Versailles: 24 years old from Venosa (Potenza) whose almost punk image and blue hair hide a humble and polite boy. He knows what he wants, he writes his pieces himself and manages to unite different worlds together.
Hell raton

Manuel Agnelli’s team

The roster of Manuel Agnelli manifests its strong identity through the story of musical culture and will be entrusted as producer to Rodrigo D’Erasmo.

  • Bengala Fire: four young people from the province of Treviso between the ages of 23 and 28, are a Brit-rock group, they bring together different musical influences but are united by a boundless love for rock ‘n’ roll.
  • Erio: 35 years old from Ponsacco (Pisa), musician and singing teacher, brings to # XF2021 his new soul project (or, he says, “avant pop”) with a strong visual and performative component.
  • Mutonia: 25/27 years old, from Ceprano (Frosinone) and Cerveteri (Rome), alternative rock bands with a slight electronic vein, who sing in English and know how to hold the stage very well.

Mika’s team

The roster of Mika manifests multicultural roots evident on first listening. The producer for them will be Taketo Gohara.

  • Fellow: 20 years old from Turin, a singer-songwriter with very rich hair and a soulful voice who sings in both Italian and English; it has a voice that sounds classic while still being current. He is a big fan of Mika.
  • Nika Paris: 16 year old of Bulgarian origin; last year she moved to Italy (in the province of Monza-Brianza) to produce her first pieces dreaming of being able to step on the X Factor stage one day.
  • Westfalia: between 27 and 32 years old, from Bologna, Milan and Porto Mantovano (Mantua), they form a band with foundations in jazz that skilfully ranges between original songs, which they self-produce, and covers.

How to vote

Voting during Live will be available through the following channels totally free.

  • WEB: by accessing the xfactor.sky.it site from desktop or mobile, logging in with your Sky ID or registering.
  • App XF2021: by downloading the X Factor 2021 App for free from the Apple Store or, for Android devices, from Google Play and accessing the voting section. To proceed with the vote you need to log in with Sky ID or Facebook or Twitter
  • Smartwatch: to access the vote it is necessary to log in from the X Factor 2021 App with Sky ID or Facebook or Twitter
  • Decoder Sky: interactive channel / Green button (only for STBs connected to the Internet) and Sky Q

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X Factor, live tonight: 9.15 pm on Sky Uno