“We will save Christmas”. Draghi media, gives Salvini checkmate and convinces the League

And to think that someone still theorizes that Draghi is not very accustomed to politics, with an unparalleled curriculum, but too tied to certain rigidities of that world of finance thanks to which he has for years become one of the most respected Italians in the world.

Instead it is exactly the opposite. Because, once again, the former ECB number one confirms that he knows how to extricate himself with great patience and innate ability amidst the conflicting pressures of an increasingly agitated majority. No one will ever admit it, but what weighs like a boulder is the Quirinale match. Formally we will start playing only in mid-January, but in fact the teams have been on the pitch for months now. It is no coincidence that, again yesterday and for the umpteenth time, the premier deliberately dribbled a question in this regard at a press conference. On the other hand – it’s no mystery to anyone and let alone Draghi – everyone has been waiting for his word on it for many weeks now.

On the other hand, the premier is not unbalanced on this point. So, translated from the politichese, it keeps all doors open. However, he moves with a prudence that he has greatly refined in recent months. He, always rigorous on anti-Covid measures, has in fact been patient and waited for yesterday’s control room to kick off the tightening on anti-Covid containment measures. Above all, he vented Salvini’s discontent, who publicly moved cautiously, avoiding thrusts in favor of the camera. But who, behind the scenes, worked to block the introduction of the so-called “2G model” in the white area (the super green pass, which excludes the validity of the tampons for all activities that are not strictly related to work).

Also for this reason the day was a field. Starting from the control room in the morning, even deserted by Giorgetti. And certainly not because the Minister of Development had a face to face with Barack Obama on his agenda, given that the absence was justified with a routine commitment in Rome, practically a few meters from Palazzo Chigi. In his place, not another minister appeared, but the undersecretary for the economy Freni, appointed not even two months ago.

In short, a clear distancing. So much so that for several hours the possibility that the League deserted the Council of Ministers bounced between the big names of the Carroccio and Palazzo Chigi, a politically rather relevant eventuality. And even in the remote connection between Chigi and the Regions, the Northern League governors have become bearers of Salvini’s doubts. From Fedriga to Fontana, passing through Fugatti and Tesei. But – swear at Palazzo Chigi – no one sincerely married Salvini’s line.

So much so that in the end it was easy to get the go-ahead for the “2G model” in the white zone with everyone’s agreement. Both in the meeting with the Regions and during the CDM. It is no mystery, in fact, that on the most rigorous line there were many governors, including those of the Northern League. So much so that Draghi was keen to say that “in the end the divisions disappeared” and that “the judgment was unanimous”.

In short, the impression is that the League is now split between two worlds. And that the so-called “government” are far from Salvini, to the point of playing independently. Thus, even yesterday’s friction in the CDm between Giorgetti and Gelmini must be interpreted with the right lenses. The first reiterated the opposition of his party to the squeeze in the white zone. The second, on the other hand, replied that all the governors were in agreement on this point, starting with Fedriga, a Northern League supporter and – above all – president of the Conference of the Regions. Then, one last argument. This, unexpectedly, between Draghi and Lamorgese. With the premier asking the Minister of the Interior to tighten controls and the owner of the Interior Ministry trying to mediate. “We lack the necessary resources,” he says. “Find a solution,” is the reply from the former ECB. Which reaffirms the line of rigor: «Preventing in order to preserve. We will save Christmas ».

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“We will save Christmas”. Draghi media, gives Salvini checkmate and convinces the League