Undefeated in SBL – Jämtland aims for the club’s first Swedish Championship gold

Six straight wins and undefeated in the Swedish basketball league.

Jämtland Basket goes like the train at the start of the season – and wants to take the club’s first Swedish Championship gold.

– They had not refused, says head coach Adnan Chuk.

Jämtland Basket, or YMCA Jämtland Basket, has never been in a Swedish Championship final. But this season they are well on their way to a gold.

After six rounds in the Swedish basketball league, they are undefeated, have taken six straight wins and have by far the best offensive in the league.

– Security is a good description of what we do. We have a group of really good guys, who understand what it means to be part of a team, says head coach Adnan Chuk.

“We will not go clean”

Jämtland has been a midfield in recent seasons, but this season has taken a big step forward.

– We started the project last year, kept the core and brought in guys who understood the team thinking, says Chuk.

The 40-year-old took over Jämtland last season, and has been a big reason for the team’s success. Chuk has previously trained and won Swedish Championship gold with Norrköping, and also trained Geneva Lions in Switzerland.

He assures that the team will not remain undefeated.

– We will not go clean, even if we would like to.

What is it that makes the team work so well this season?

– The ability to adjust our game to resistance. We can play in all different ways, defense-oriented or more focus on offensive, says Chuk.

Jämtland basketball.

Jämtland basketball’s head coach Adnan Chuk.

“Had not refused”

In its 65-year history, Jämtland Basket has never been in a Swedish Championship final. Now it looks brighter than ever.

– We have a good bit left. We as a club have never been to a final, and there are many milestones left. The only thing we can focus on is getting better, says Chuk.

How does it feel to be the club’s first gold coach?

– It’s not about me standing there and getting tributes. The guys should get it. This is their team. With that said, I had not turned down a Swedish Championship gold.

Chuk, who is also the national team coach for Bosnia-Herzegovina, has several role models. Among others, Partizan Belgrade’s head coach, Željko Obradović.

– There I watch a lot, and try to learn as much as I can.

Is the goal to get you out in Europe again, and coach in even bigger leagues?

– If I had the chance at a higher level, I would of course take it.

Swedish basketball on the right track

Basketball was one of the Swedish sports that was hit hard by the pandemic. But after the restart, the league has started chewing again, and is in a good place again.

– The Swedish league is only getting better and better. We have met six teams so far this season that are at a very high level in my opinion, who have still been out in Europe.

Chuk also emphasizes the economy.

– Many teams themselves have stated that they have increased their budget and investment.

Jämtland plays on Tuesday at home against Umeå. There you have a chance to take your seventh straight victory and snatch even more in the table.

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Undefeated in SBL – Jämtland aims for the club’s first Swedish Championship gold