Training in the park in autumn: here are 3 proposals and the top exercises

Whether it’s cardio training, muscle building and toning, park workouts are strong in every season. And street furniture can help us. Here are three proposals designed by the expert to try immediately

Sabrina Clerk

In summer they go on vacation: in autumn parks and gardens are a temptation: it will be for the foliage, for the colors of the sky, for the often mild climate, these oases are full of sportsmen. And not just for walking, running, walking with children and walking with the dog. “They can be predicted training programs, taking advantage of what you have available, what you find along the way, close at hand – he explains Bruno Marques, personal trainer at the Foundry gym in Milan -, starting with the street furniture: benches, stairs, tree trunks. Unlike sitting indoors, in the gym, where we are used to making the same efforts, outdoor training opens up to new movements, if you feel like testing alternatives. On what to do, there is a wide choice. We offer three proposals designed according to the different possibilities and training level. Those who decide to start, or perhaps resume after a period of stop, can consider stick to the first two. The time required? 30 to 35 minutes“.

One: for those who start “It starts with alternate lunges to activate thighs, buttocks. Here’s how to proceed: Back straight, move your right leg forward by taking a big step, with the heel touching the ground first. Bend the right leg, the left knee drops to the ground: Be careful to keep a right angle between the ankles and knees and between the pelvis and thighs, then return to the starting position. Change the support foot and resume. Do four sets, with 5-10 seconds of rest between sets. Then lift your knee: place your right foot on a step or a bench, and at the same time raise your left knee in front of you, then change knee “.

“Perform the movement for 20-30 seconds and do four sets, with a 10 second pause between one and the other. Finally, we strengthen the abdominals positioned in front of the bench, hands on the seat, place your hands keeping your back parallel and stay in position for 30 seconds by contracting the abdominals. The advice for beginners? The more the hands are open, the easier the exercise will be. Expect 4 repetitions “.

Two: for those who continue. “Calculate a distance of 30 meters, then take 30 steps to determine the distance. And the training begins: run at a moderate pace until you reach the finish point and return to the starting point in retrorunning, the backward run. Do three to four repetitions to tone the front of the thigh. Following hops on the spot: standing, hands on thighs, legs tight, jump by spreading the legs and lifting the arms sideways to the head. Repeat the movement for 40 seconds for 3 series, with breaks of 10 seconds between one and the other: this will shape the lower limbs and the abdominal area, in addition to the breath. Let’s move on to the upper part and we train the triceps. Back to the bench, place your hands on the edge as if to sit down: your buttocks are in suspension and your legs are slightly bent. Flex your arms and lower yourself bringing your buttocks to the ground, then stretch your arms, rise and return to the starting position. Repeat the movement 10-12 times. Remember: the more the legs are stretched and further away from the bench, the more difficult the exercise will increase “.

For those who are already trained. “Reserved for those who already have a good level of training, needs a ladder. Time is important: climb as many steps as possible in 30 seconds, pause 1st seconds, then resumed without pause for 4 serie. Important not to stop: if there are not enough steps, just go up and down. Following, lunges: hands at the back of the neck or on the hips, climb the steps two by two if they are not too high, otherwise single, sinking in the support phase and changing legs each time, so as to alternate the movement. Repeat for 35 seconds, performing three to four sets. It is a perfect exercise to define the back of the thighs and buttocks.

The session ends on the ground but it can be the bench seat, or the lawn if you have a mat with you. The grass can be damp this season. The goal: tone up the deep and transverse abdominal muscles: forearms on the ground, lean on your elbows without sinking your back, hold this position for 35 seconds. Perform the movement four times, resting 5 seconds between each. Basic breathing: slow, aware, controlled “.

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Training in the park in autumn: here are 3 proposals and the top exercises