Thriller starring Anthony Hopkins up for auction as a crypto movie

Zero Contact, a science fiction thriller starring Anthony Hopkins, is the first film to be auctioned in the form of an NFT (non-expendable token), following the trend of commercializing digital files with technology that proves their legitimacy and allows their traceability. The bidding began on Friday and continues until today, and whoever wins will get the only copy of the film, which will be transformed into “crypto art” and can be seen on the Vuele platform.

The auctioned package includes, in addition to the film, a trip to see the film sets, a role in the film and an art piece that serves as access to a “treasure hunt” for new prizes. At the same time, ten more humble packages went on sale, including videos from the filming, cameos, and original crypto art.

“We hope to gain support from fans of the genre, or from fans of the cast and crew that worked on the film. We also hope to broaden the spectrum of NFT buyers to include film collectors, ”he told South China Morning Post Vuele co-founder Cameron Chell. “Bringing the NFT trading market closer to the film world is something that we hope will grow both markets.”

Chell added: “Getting NFTs out first, with exclusive content for a limited audience, will increase interest through word of mouth and increase audiences from both movie theaters and streaming platforms.”

Filming of Zero Contact It was done remotely during the coronavirus pandemic, using the Zoom video calling program, with participants in 17 countries. The story shows Finley Hart (Hopkins), a tech guru convinced of the imminent arrival of the end of humanity who, posthumously, selects five people around the world to finish his secret invention: “a machine that could be the solution to the problems of humanity or the end of life on Earth ”. All this while being chased by a mysterious man, of course.

Carbon bubble

NFT trading revolutionized the cryptocurrency industry, as they are the tool used for transactions. During the first half of this year, more than 2.5 billion dollars were moved in all kinds of digital collectible files, he says CryptoNews. The data shows an excessive growth compared to the previous year, when, considering the 12 months, the sales volume did not reach 100 million dollars.

Among the first crypto art transactions that made the news is the sale of a digital collage by the artist Beeple for $ 69 million, through the auction house Christie’s. Later, the first tweet in history would be auctioned for almost three million dollars, while other transactions, such as the digital faces known as cryptopunks raised $ 17 million, or its equivalent in cryptocurrency. Even the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg offered cryptocopies of some of his most recognized works.

Any digital file can be “minted” to become an NFT. For this, “crypto mining” computer centers are used, which have been criticized for the environmental impact caused by excessive energy expenditure. Colombian singer Shakira, who launched her first collection of digital images using this technology, chose to coin the works on the Aerial platform, which calculates carbon emissions and assigns offsets to forest conservation projects.

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Thriller starring Anthony Hopkins up for auction as a crypto movie