The Rallye du Condroz will not start again until Sunday morning due to a poorly placed public

The day of Saturday on the Rallye du Condroz ended in fish tail. Why ? Because of a handful of spectators badly placed on the last two specials of the day (Wanzoul – Bas Oha and Héron – Lavoir). It is obviously regrettable that a few sad sires with irresponsible behavior put their lives but also the future of Belgian rallies at stake in this way. If SS11 was stopped by decision of the race director, SS12 was canceled by administrative order. In short, it’s no joke and we hope that common sense will return tomorrow morning.

Result of the races, the splendid match at the top of the Hut event was stopped in its tracks while the spectacle promised to be radiant in the night. Author of an excellent scratch in the very delicate SS10 of Villers-le-Bouillet, Stéphane Lefebvre continues to lead a rally of which he took the reins from the 3rd special. The Citroen DG Sport driver leads 7.9 seconds ahead of Adrian Fernémont (Skoda Fabia SAN Mazuin). Grégoire Munster (Hyundai i20 BMA) is 3rd at 8.3 seconds. We can bet that nothing is done while there are still six specials to go this Sunday.

Ghislain de Mévius (Skoda Fabia G Rally) could regret his pirouette in SS4. The Brabançon is 4th at 16 seconds and would surely be 2nd with a smooth course. The manager of the WIK let go of Vincent Verschueren (VW Polo GoDrive), 5th at 36 seconds. Last driver under the minute difference, Cédric Cherain (Skoda Fabia Metior) takes 6th provisional position ahead of his colleague Cédric De Cecco (Citroen C3 Metior), Sébastien Bedoret (Skoda Fabia SXM), Kris Princen (Skoda Fabia) and PJM Cracco (Skoda Fabia BMA), author of a slight contact that made his Fabia one-eyed in SS10.

In the other categories, we note the very nice 19th absolute position of Gino Bux (Peugeot 208 Rally4), leader in the Sttellantis Cup and among the tractions. The Rivage driver is just behind Romain Delhez who is going it alone in RGT with his Porsche 911. Leadership in JBRC for Charles Munster (Opel Corsa Rally4) who is 36 seconds ahead of Thibaud Mazuin. In Clio Trophy Belgium, Gilles Pyck leads by 21 seconds against Tom Rensonnet and 48 seconds over Benoit Verlinde.

After SS12: Four seconds difference between Lefebvre, Fernémont and Munster!

While there are still three specials to go this Saturday, the situation is not at all settled at the top of the Rallye du Condroz 2021. Stéphane Lefebvre (Citroen C3 DG Sport) had approached the afternoon loop with a half -d dozen seconds ahead of the competition but the Frenchman got trapped in SS8 Villers-le-Temple – Strée and lost precious seconds. “It’s stupid to be fooled like that!”, cursed the Ch’ti. “It’s all the more unfortunate that I was about to set a good time in this special.”

Lefebvre’s foray into a field has apparently given his best Belgian rivals a boost. After Cédric Cherain (Skoda Fabia Metior) and Adrian Fernémont (Skoda Fabia SAN Mazuin) in SS7 and SS8, Cédric Cherain took his second scratch of the rally in SS9. The black Fabia rider completed this second pass in Ben-Ahin in 3: 21.2.

The 2017 champion was ahead of Vincent Verschueren (VW Polo GoDrive) by 1.5 seconds, Grégoire Munster (Hyundai i20 BMA) by 1.6 seconds and Ghislain de Mévius (Skoda Fabia G-Rally) by 2.1 seconds. The rest of the classification for this ninth special was as follows: Stéphane Lefebvre (+ 2.4), Adrian Fernémont (+ 2.9), Kris Princen (Skoda Fabia, + 3.5), PJM Cracco (Skoda Fabia BMA, + 4.6) and Sébastien Bedoret ( Skoda Fabia SXM, + 5.4).

Lefebvre saw his gap fall by half and is only 3.1 seconds ahead of Fernémont and 3.8 ahead of Munster. Ghislain de Mévius and Vincent Verschueren are respectively at 12 and 28 seconds. Competitors will resume the rally around 5:56 p.m. with the start of SS10 (Villers-le-Bouillet 2). Long ranges will be the order of the day!

After SS6: Lefebvre increases his lead over the best Belgians

Stéphane Lefebvre is gradually taking the lead in this 47th Rallye du Condroz. The French driver has just signed four consecutive scratches, even if the gaps are very small each time. In the sixth special, the last of this morning, the DG Sport spearhead clocked a time of 5: 11.3. The ex-Citroën Racing driver is ahead of Adrian Fernémont (Skoda Fabia SAN Mazuin) who conceded 1.5 seconds in Héron – Lavoir. Ghislain de Mévius (Skoda Fabia G-Rally) achieved 3rd time at 2.1 de Lefebvre.

Fourth lap at 3 seconds for Grégoire Munster (Hyundai i20 BMA) who lost time by going straight ahead. The driver supported by the Hyundai importer precedes Cédric Cherain (Skoda Fabia, + 6.6) who admitted that he could not do better in view of his starting position, while nevertheless taking maximum pleasure. Next come Cédric De Cecco (Citroën C3 Metior, + 7.5), Vincent Verschueren (VW Polo GoDrive, + 8.2), PJM Cracco (Skoda Fabia, + 9.9), Kris Princen (Skoda Fabia, + 12.5) and Sébastien Bedoret (Skoda Fabia, + 13.4).

With his four scratches in a row, Stéphane Lefebvre has a small lead in the provisional standings after six specials. Le Nordiste has 6.4 good on Fernémont and 7.8 on Munster. Having lost 10 seconds in SS4, de Mévius is 4th at 13.7. De Cecco completed the top five at 26 seconds.

Next special: second passage through Engis at 2:54 p.m.

After SS3: Lefebvre leader of a three-way match with Munster and de Mévius

A blow to you, a blow to me. Since the start of the 47th Condroz-Huy Rally this morning, Stéphane Lefebvre (Citroen C3 DG Sport), Grégoire Munster (Hyundai i20 BMA) and Ghislain de Mévius (Skoda Fabia G-Rally) have not given each other a gift. If Ghislain de Mévius was the fastest in SS1 at Engis, Munster responded in SS2 at Villers-le-Temple / Strée before Lefebvre put everyone in agreement in SS3 at Ben- Ahin.

The Frenchman, co-piloted by Renaud Jamoul, took the scratch in 3: 23.2 during this third special. Grégoire Munster follows him by three tenths while Vincent Verschueren (VW Polo GoDrive) clocked third time at four tenths. Ghislain de Mévius was behind the second in Ben-Ahin, at 1.2 seconds. Then we find Adrian Fernémont (Skoda Fabia, + 1.5), Cédric De Cecco (Citroën C3, + 3.3), Sébastien Bedoret (Skoda Fabia, + 4.4) and Kris Princen (Skoda Fabia, + 4.8).

In the cumulative classification, Lefebvre, Munster and de Mévius are in a handkerchief. The Habs are only three tenths of a second ahead of Munster while de Mévius is five tenths behind. The trifecta could therefore very easily change during the next stages. Fernémont follows at 3.1 while De Cecco is fifth at more than eight seconds.

The start of the fourth special, the first passage through Villers-le-Bouillet, is scheduled for 12:05 pm.

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The Rallye du Condroz will not start again until Sunday morning due to a poorly placed public