The far right, the main anti-ax force in Austria

Faced with Covid-19, the leader of the Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ, far right) has a « plan B ». Presented to the press at the beginning of November and already viewed nearly 200,000 times on YouTube, this one proposes to do everything to avoid the vaccination that Herbert Kickl, 53, categorically refuses for himself and strongly advises against Austrians, however forced to to reconfine itself since Monday, November 22, in the face of the surge of the fourth wave.

In this « plan B », the most visible Austrian antivax recommends “Early treatment” patients at home with ” vitamin D “ and a drug like“Ivermectin”, a pest control prized, in recent months, by conspirators around the world, despite the lack of scientific evidence of its effectiveness against the virus. The proposals of the leader of the Austrian far-right may have been castigated by the manufacturer of ivermectin, experts and the rest of the political class, pharmacists have reported, in recent days, of a rush on the drug and several cases of patients taking ivermectin have been reported in Austrian hospitals.

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However, Mr. Kickl has not changed his message. On the contrary, on Saturday 20 November, the FPÖ – an ally of the National Rally of Marine Le Pen in the European Parliament – organized a demonstration bringing together nearly 40,000 people in the streets of Vienna to oppose the general vaccination obligation. Announced the day before by the Austrian eco-conservative government and supported by the left, this European premiere should apply from February 2022. “From today, Austria is a dictatorship”, immediately said the one who was Minister of the Interior between 2017 and 2019, when the FPÖ governed in coalition with the conservatives.

Procession against the “corona-dictatorship”

Even if the procession “against the corona-dictatorship” not only brought together far-right activists, it was led by a small group of identities waving a banner denouncing a “Great replacement”. The most famous Austrian neo-Nazis, the multi-convict for negationism Gottfried Küssel, was also seen there. On the other hand, Mr. Kickl was not able to go to the demonstration because … of his contamination with Covid-19, which occurred a few days earlier.

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The FPÖ’s provocations might seem marginal, but there are few countries in Western Europe where a party that has swung into the most radical anti-ax movement meets such an audience. Of the 8.9 million Austrians, 65% are fully vaccinated – compared to 70% in France. If many demonstrators met in the procession distanced themselves from the extreme right to define themselves as “Apolitical”, they often repeated word for word the « plan B » of M. Kickl.

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The far right, the main anti-ax force in Austria