Silver boys Sander and Baumann: Olympic medals in view

Romed Baumann slowed down, put his ski poles down in his left hand and swung his fist through the air in triumph. Before the 35-year-old ski racer gave the camera a huge “Yeah!” and screamed it out into the world. Baumann had shown it to everyone, that’s roughly how he imagined the finish line at … Read more

NASA Mars Pictures and Videos: Perseverance Rover Shows Epic View of Helicopter Flight in the Red Planet

In the latest NASA Mars pictures released, it seems that the Mars helicopter Ingenuity had encountered a challenging flight. NASA Mars Pictures Show Challenging Flight by Mars Helicopter According to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) blog post, the Perseverance Rover has captured a video clip, on September 4, showing the 13th flight of Ingenuity Mars … Read more

Years-old exam-beating Chromium ‘view source’ bug fixed

Future Chromium-based browsers under administrative control will be able to prevent users from viewing webpage source code for specific URLs, a capability that remained unavailable to enterprise customers for the past three years until a bug fix landed earlier this week. Back on October 15, 2018 an employee of Amplified IT, a Google education partner … Read more