Intel 4004 turns 50 | Gadgets News

Intel 4004 celebrates its 50th anniversary today, which considered the world’s first commercially available single-chip microprocessor (Wikipedia). He has an area of ​​12 mm2, 2.25 thousand transistors, clock frequency 740 kHz, 4-bit data bus, 10-µm technical process and performance from 60 thousand to 93 thousand instructions per second. For comparison, a 30-ton tube computer ENIAC … Read more

Engineers develop process that turns ordinary clothing into biosensors

Journal Reference: Taehwan Lim, Huanan Zhang, Sohee Lee. Gold and silver nanocomposite-based biostable and biocompatible electronic textile for wearable electromyographic biosensors. APL Materials, 2021; 9 (9): 091113 DOI: 10.1063/5.0058617 Chemical engineering assistant professor Huanan Zhang has developed a process that turns clothing fabric into biosensors which measure a muscle’s electrical activity as it is worn. … Read more

From Texas to Hollywood, Matthew McConaughey turns 52

The famous Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey turns 52 this Thursday. Although everything in his life has long seemed to shine, the truth is that the Texan had to go a long way to reach stardom, a journey where he seduced moviegoers, critics and journalists with his talent and charisma. In the early years of his … Read more

Bundesliga: Rapid turns crisis duel against LASK

Thomas Goiginger brought the LASK into the front (17th), that was the wake-up call for a Rapid team that had been weak up to then. Kara managed to equalize the stronger Viennese (41st) before the break whistle. It was also the ÖFB team striker who screwed himself up after a free kick by Thorsten Schick … Read more