Lucid Air Dream Edition Range vs Tesla Model S Plaid and Others: Real Fast Charge Speed ​​Comparison | Gadgets News

Our colleagues from InsideEVs shared measurements of fast charging of the Lucid Air Dream Edition R – the electric car with the largest, for today, the power reserve on one charge. Previously, they tested several other models in a similar way, including the Tesla Model S Plaid – here are their results: Lucid Air Dream … Read more

Elon Musk: In addition to Tesla, SpaceX also invests in Bitcoin

During yesterday’s Bitcoin discussion between Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey and Cathie Wood, the Tesla boss dropped several bombs. After the price drop on Tuesday and the race to catch up on Wednesday, Bitcoin is now holding steadily at the $ 32,000 mark. This means that the digital store of value is around 4.3 percent up … Read more

Synergy effects: Several Tesla superchargers get satellite internet from SpaceX

All Tesla Supercharger locations will offer WiFi in the future, CEO Elon Musk said in mid-October in response to a Twitter complaint that this has not yet been the case everywhere. And now the company seems to have started to implement this announcement with almost its own resources: In the USA, three supercharger locations have … Read more

In the midst of the debate on the taxation of billionaires, Elon Musk agrees to sell 10% of his shares in Tesla

According to Bloomberg, Elon Musk – here in Wilmington, Delaware on July 13, 2021 – as of June 30, owned about 17% of Tesla’s outstanding shares, which are currently worth $ 208.37 billion (over 180 billion euros). ). MATT ROURKE / AP He will follow the will of his followers. A majority of people following … Read more

Nicht wegen Tesla: Elon Musk knnte mit SpaceX zum weltweit ersten Billionr werden

Aktien in diesem Artikel • Elon Musk dank Tesla-Rally reichster Mensch der Welt • Analyst sieht enormes Potenzial in SpaceX • Billionärstatus für Musk in Aussicht? Tesla-Rally macht Elon Musk zum reichsten Menschen der Welt Tesla-Chef Elon Musk gilt als reichster Mensch der Welt. Mit einem Vermögen von 252 Milliarden US-Dollar (Stand vom … Read more