Green pass, the measures under study and the pressure on the vaccination front

Listen to the audio version of the article The audience of those who invoke the Super green pass and this afternoon at 18 governors and members of the Executive will begin to outline the form of the new green certificate. “We need measures as soon as possible,” asks Massimiliano, the president of the Conference of … Read more

Domino effects of the new Dutch nature policy – Manure becomes valuable and must be processed, pressure on FrieslandCampina farmers – Foodlog

In addition to the large resources that suddenly become available to finance new and existing nature that still needs to be adapted (such as De Peel), the formation decisions regarding the nature and reduction policy for the number of animals continue to have an impact on the food and agricultural complex. From CU leader Gert-Jan … Read more

Precise blood pressure control may aid patient recovery from spinal injury

Journal Reference: Abel Torres Espín, Jenny Haefeli, Reza Ehsanian, Dolores Torres, Carlos A de Almeida, J Russell Huie, Austin Chou, Dmitriy Morozov, Nicole Sanderson, Benjamin Dirlikov, Catherine G Suen, Jessica L Nielson, Nikolaos Kyritsis, Debra D Hemmerle, Jason Talbott, Geoff T Manley, Sanjay S Dhall, William D Whetstone, Jacqueline C Bresnahan, Michael S Beattie, Stephen … Read more

Common blood pressure drug does not slow down the progression of more advanced Alzheimer’s, study finds

Common blood pressure drug does not slow down the progression of more advanced Alzheimer’s, study finds – NovLink Home Mash I Common blood pressure drug does not slow down the progression of more advanced Alzheimer’s, study finds We want to give thanks to the writer of this write-up for this incredible content Common blood pressure … Read more

Migrant crisis: under pressure from Europe, Lukashenko plays appeasement

Hundreds of migrants face Belarusian soldiers on the border with Poland on November 14, 2021. OKSANA MANCHUK / AP Alexander Lukashenko, the Belarusian dictator, spoke by telephone for about fifty minutes with the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, reported, Monday evening November 15, the state press agency Belta. The two leaders have, according to a spokesman … Read more

The screen of the new iPhone 6s will detect various levels of pressure thanks to Multi-Touch technology | Gadgets

By @Ivancernadas Every time September arrives, at Apple’s annual meeting with the media, it always surprises us with some revelation on its new products. The latest from the Cupertino company when it comes to the mobile market is the new 3D Touch feature present in its recent iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. The apple … Read more

Belarus brings in migrant charters to put pressure on the European Union

Migrants massed at the border between Belarus and Poland on November 8, 2021 near Grodno (Belarus). LEONID SHCHEGLOV / AP They are quickly spotted in the small departures hall of Beirut airport. Young men without suitcases, with only a small backpack at their feet. They don’t have the rushed look of the traveler who rushes … Read more

Food chain ends up in ‘perfect storm’ for a longer period of time – High energy prices, rising raw material prices and labor shortages put pressure on margins in the food sector – Foodlog

Low gas supplies on the eve of winter are driving higher gas and electricity prices. Once the winter is over, ABN AMRO expects prices to fall, but normalization of prices is not expected to happen until after 2023. For the electricity prices ABN AMRO expects a similar pattern. A decline as soon as the winter … Read more