5 Fakta Tentang Maura Magnalia Anak Nurul Arifin, Nomor 4 Paling Mengejutkan : Okezone Celebrity

5 Fakta Tentang Maura Magnalia Anak Nurul Arifin Nomor 4

KABAR duka yang menimpa Nurul Arifin karena putrinya, Maura Magnalia Madyaratri, menyita perhatian publik. Berikut sederet fakta tentang Maura yang jarang diketahui publik. Maura meninggal dunia di usia muda, yaitu 28 tahun. Nurul Arifin mengatakan bahwa penyebab kematian putri kesayangannya adalah karena serangan jantung. Urusan pribadi bukan hal utama yang ingin diberitahu … Read more

5 Facts about Acha Septriasa and Irwansyah’s meeting at Zaskia’s house, Number 3 Upheaval, his past revealed: Okezone Celebrity

5 Facts about Acha Septriasa and Irwansyahs meeting at Zaskias

HE THINKS Septriasa came to the house of the couple Zaskia Sungkar and Irwansyah. Their meeting caused a stir because Acha and Irwansyah were former lovers. Not wanting to miss the moment, they also uploaded a portrait of their togetherness on Instagram. The three of them seemed to be getting along and posing together, smiling … Read more

Beautiful Pilot Athira Farina Makes a Girlband to Make Deddy Corbuzier smitten, Let’s Get To Know! : Okezone Celebrity

Beautiful Pilot Athira Farina Makes a Girlband to Make Deddy

DEDDY Corbuzier is very interested and intends to buy Girlband D’Angels. One of the personnel is the beautiful pilot Athira Farina. If you look at his uploads on Instagram. Azka Corbuzier’s father uploaded footage of D’Angels’ latest music video titled Cipika Cipiki. “I’m interested in buying this girl group. This is really satire! Link on … Read more

Released Single Out, Girlband GLASS: This is the Original Story Full of Meaning : Okezone Celebrity

Released Single Out Girlband GLASS This is the Original Story

JAKARTA – Girlband GLASS starting 2021 with their first step in the country’s music industry. The four GLASS personnel, namely Phoebe Natalia, Triarona Kusuma, Euginia Lavina, and Denissa Fitri, graduated from the Z Pop Dream Indonesia event. The four beautiful and talented girls officially released their debut single, ‘Mine’, under HITS Records on January 27, … Read more

Bring Ways to Love You, Check the Differences in Anggi Marito’s Voice Without Autotune : Okezone Celebrity

Bring Ways to Love You Check the Differences in Anggi

JAKARTA – Anggi Marito is a graduate of the Indonesian Idol Special Season talent show who managed to qualify for the Top 3 round. Since appearing on Indonesian Idol SS, Anggi’s figure has stolen the public’s attention because of her melodious voice and beautiful face. No wonder this girl from North Sumatra has many fans … Read more

5 Rooms for Aurel Hermansyah’s Baby Room that are Spacious and Super Luxurious, the Changing Room beats the Mall : Okezone Celebrity

5 Rooms for Aurel Hermansyahs Baby Room that are Spacious

ATTA Halilintar and Aurel Hermansyah have prepared a luxurious room for Baby AH. Yes, soon Baby AH will be born into the world. In the room, there is not only a bed, but also a bathroom for the baby. The Instagram account @urbanartind has released the design of AH’s baby room a few days ago. … Read more

A Peek at the Phenomenal Young Musician’s Slick Collaboration Performance with Fariz RM : Okezone Celebrity

A Peek at the Phenomenal Young Musicians Slick Collaboration Performance

JAKARTA – Phenomenal young musicians such as Ganga, Morad, Oslo Ibrahim, and Cantika Abigail will collaborate with Indonesian music legends Fariz RM. The concert, which was held on January 25, 2022, was titled Supermusic NEXTZone Live 360 ​​Virtual Concert. The collaborative action with new and fresh musical arrangements is guaranteed to be a must-see. They … Read more

Fakta Hubungan Vicky Prasetyo dan Kalina Octaranny, Disebut Nikah Settingan hingga Cerai : Okezone Celebrity

Fakta Hubungan Vicky Prasetyo dan Kalina Octaranny Disebut Nikah Settingan

JAKARTA– Vicky Prasetyo dan Kalina Octaranny kembali menjadi sorotan. Keduanya dikabarkan sudah bercerai, padahal usia pernikahan mereka belum menginjak 1 tahun.  Kabar tersebut diungkapkan oleh Kalina Octaranny sekira akhir Desember 2021. Dia bahkan mengaku sudah pisah rumah dan tidak mendapatkan nafkah dari sang presenter. Kendati demikian, Vicky Prasetyo mengaku belum menjatuhkan talak pada perempuan yag dinikahinya … Read more

5 Facts Behind Nagita Slavina’s Exciting Video, A Woman’s Figure Revealed, Number 2 Makes a Upset : Okezone Celebrity

5 Facts Behind Nagita Slavinas Exciting Video A Womans Figure

VIDEO Exciting like Nagita Slavina with a duration of 61 seconds, the facts began to be revealed. Yes, the original figure of the woman’s face in the exciting video is definitely not Nagita Slavina. This has been dismantled by one of the fan accounts of Raffi Ahmad’s wife. The original figure has blonde ombre hair … Read more

5 Facts about Reza Rahadian, Disconnected Kites, Religion and the Past, Number 3 Shocked : Okezone Celebrity

5 Facts about Reza Rahadian Disconnected Kites Religion and the

REZA Rahadian successfully starred in the series Kites Disconnect as Aris. There are a number of facts about Reza Rahadia, also about religion and his past which will be discussed. You need to know, the story of the Layangan Putus series has succeeded in attracting the emotions of the audience with the domestic conflict between … Read more

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