Two NASA astronauts set for spacewalk to replace faulty space station antenna

Nov 30 (Reuters) – Two U.S. astronauts were set on Tuesday to venture out of the International Space Station for a spacewalk to replace a failed antenna, facing what NASA officials say is a slightly elevated risk from the debris of a Russian anti-satellite missile test. NASA TV planned to provide live coverage of the … Read more

How NASA Used Sound To Map Mars

Scientists are using Mars’ ambient noise to map the planet’s subsurface layers. The noise is recorded by a seismometer on-board the InSight lander. Scientists are using Mars’ ambient noise recorded by the seismometer onboard NASA’s InSight lander to map the planet’s subsurface layers. The seismograph has already helped researchers analyze seismic activities to better understand what … Read more

NASA Selects Intuitive Machines for New Lunar Science Delivery

NASA has awarded Intuitive Machines of Houston a contract to deliver research, including science investigations and a technology demonstration, to the Moon in 2024. The commercial delivery is part of NASA’s Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) initiative and the Artemis program. The investigations aboard Intuitive Machines’ Nova-C lander are destined for Reiner Gamma, one of … Read more

TWU All-Female Team Takes Home Top Honors in NASA Design Challenge

Before they even walk the stage in December, five soon-to-be Texas Woman’s University graduates are making their mark, contributing to the future of space exploration. Senior kinesiology students Natalie Wilkinson, Casey Rice, Andrea Kim, Andrea Martinez and Melanie Meek were shocked when they got an invitation to work with NASA. Together as a team of … Read more

“We go to space to benefit life on earth”, says NASA deputy administrator at Quad space officials’ meet

There are great benefits here on earth as a result of space exploration activities and continued human presence in Low Earth Orbit, according to Colonel Pam Melroy, NASA’s deputy administrator. “Climate change is an existential crisis, the best place to monitor earth, is from space… There are a lot of problems to solve… We go … Read more

SpaceX EMBARRASSED Nasa With Their High Tech New Spacesuit! | SpaceX News – Oakland News Now – SF Bay Area, East Bay, California, World Oakland News Now – SpaceX EMBARRASSED Nasa With Their High Tech New Spacesuit! – video made by the YouTube channel with the logo in the video’s upper left hand corner. is the original blog post for this type of video-blog content. Subscribe now with all notifications on for more Starship Updates, SpaceX news … Read more

NASA seeks to improve fuel lines using SensePipe | SME Media

Dan King | The value of a sensor lies within its ability to take measurements accurately and reliably. Often used in harsh environments, a sensor’s reliability and life span are cut short due to external conditions. Measurement accuracy depends on the location in which the sensor is placed. Usually, a delicate sensor cannot be placed … Read more

NASA grants will help scientists track effects of melting ice

While there’s little doubt in the scientific community about the causes of climate change, questions remain on its effects on the Earth’s landscapes in the coming decades. With the help of two new grants for more than $600,000, UO geography professors Johnny Ryan and Sarah Cooley are working to shine a light on some of … Read more

Kayak on Titan? Soar past exoplanets? Epic new NASA video envisions future space travel

A new NASA video advertises a suite of the agency’s real-life missions as previewing an “Exoplanet Travel Bureau” of the future. The one-minute short on YouTube, released Oct. 19, reimagines a set of exploration posters released by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in 2015 and in 2016 as animated futuristic mini-adventures. (The posters themselves were inspired … Read more