“We go to space to benefit life on earth”, says NASA deputy administrator at Quad space officials’ meet

There are great benefits here on earth as a result of space exploration activities and continued human presence in Low Earth Orbit, according to Colonel Pam Melroy, NASA’s deputy administrator. “Climate change is an existential crisis, the best place to monitor earth, is from space… There are a lot of problems to solve… We go … Read more

Italy will meet their opponents in the play-offs for the World Cup on Friday

The draw for the play-offs leading to the World Cup in Qatar will take place on Friday in Zurich. Three places are still available, with 12 teams in contention, including Italy, certain of playing at home in the semi-final against one between Austria, the Czech Republic, North Macedonia, Poland, Turkey and Ukraine. Here is the … Read more

Joe Biden and Xi Jinping to meet on Monday

INGRAM / PHOTONONSTOP While waiting for a meeting in person, which still does not arrive, Joe Biden must be satisfied with a new virtual summit. The US president and his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, will have a meeting by videoconference on Monday, November 15, the third meeting between the two leaders as disputes between Washington … Read more

Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster meet again for 30 years of “The Silence of the Lambs”

To celebrate in advance the 30 years of the premiere of The Silence of the Lambs -which hit theaters in the United States on February 14, 1991-, Variety magazine brought together Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins, its protagonists, in a talk that revealed many of the secrets of the filming of the five-award-winning film Oscars, … Read more

Meet the coachbuilt autonomous sports car that can’t be crashed

In short, they know what the heck they’re doing. Who better, then, to help Top Gear design a sports car of the future. One which also claims to be uncrashable, but we’ll get to that bit a little later. With the help of a VR headset, we got to ‘help’ design the car, pulling lines … Read more

NASA Technology Innovations Will Help US Meet Sustainable Aviation Goals

NASA is expanding research to lead the nation to a sustainable, net-zero carbon emissions aviation future. Credit: Vehicle image created by Scott Anders, Rich Wahls and Lillian Gipson; Forest Imagery franckreporter, E+, GettyImages NASA Administrator Bill Nelson recently joined federal government and industry leaders at a White House event highlighting sustainable aviation and the administration’s … Read more