Electronic nose on a drone sniffs out wastewater treatment plant stink

Journal Reference: Javier Burgués, María Deseada Esclapez, Silvia Doñate, Santiago Marco. RHINOS: A lightweight portable electronic nose for real-time odor quantification in wastewater treatment plants. iScience, 2021; 103371 DOI: 10.1016/j.isci.2021.103371 Conventionally, a wastewater plant’s odor is measured by dynamic olfactometry, where a human panel whiffs and analyzes bags of air collected from the plant. Although … Read more

England condemns a drone pilot for the first time | Gadgets

It is use of remote control drones have become the latest fad, since very recently they have been accessible to the general public, especially for record recreational and sports activities. This has led to its use being regulated in Spain a few months ago, and that it is prohibited to pilot drones in public spaces, … Read more