“Do the players govern?”: PSG, a club in perpetual turmoil

A goal gap, but a world separates them! This Wednesday, Manchester City gave a football lesson to PSG. If at the scorer, the difference is minimal, the terrain has made a whole new reality. And Mauricio Pochettino still has a long way to go before he reaches the collective fullness of Guardiola. For Thierry Henry, … Read more

Linus Videll reports his own club for abusive discrimination

Published: Today 11.50 Updated: Just now Linus Videll has not played for Djurgården since October 16. The former team captain has reported the club for abusive discrimination, something Expressen be the first to report on: – It came in last Tuesday and is based on our entire communication in the process around the captaincy, says … Read more

Astra: another full member of the space club | Gadgets News

The regiment of companies capable of launching cargo into Earth’s orbit has arrived – the lightweight Rocket 3.3 of the American startup Astra has successfully launched the first stage into an orbit at an altitude of 500 km with an inseparable test load (its mass is not reported). Astra Rocket 3.3 consists of two stages … Read more

People love the billionaire, but hate the billionaires’ club

Journal Reference: Jesse Walker, Stephanie J. Tepper, and Thomas Gilovich. People are more tolerant of inequality when it is expressed in terms of individuals rather than groups at the top. PNAS, 2021 DOI: 10.1073/pnas.2100430118 In eight related studies, people tended to have fewer problems with hearing about the extreme wealth of a particular wealthy person, … Read more