Svahn reveals the drama: “I fainted” • Tells about the visit to the doctor

Tells for the first time about the doctor’s visit

The pain during the doctor’s visit became too strong and Linn Svahn fainted.

The shoulder-injured sprint star tells in SVT’s documentary “Best when it comes” for the first time about the collapse in connection with the investigation after the crash in Ulricehamn.

– I have fainted twice in my life. And then it was one of the times, says the skier.

Until the crash in the quarterfinals in Ulricehamn on February 6, we knew that Linn Svahn was one of the world’s foremost sprinters.

She started with four straight victories in the World Cup and was the winter’s strongest World Cup jump in sprint.

The details of what happened after the bang on Lassalyckan’s skate bed are questionable.

In the latest episode of SVT’s documentary “Best when it comes to” some of the clouds around the event and the process afterwards are dispelled.

The crash itself happened when Svahn was third. She fell on a small downhill slope. When she reached the finish line, the blood was seen flowing from her right eyebrow.

In the SVT scenes, we get to follow Linn Svahn when she is met by leaders in the target area where she herself tones down the feeling after the bang.

”Typ whiplash”

– This is calm, it’s just that I got so that I hit in the back of the head. It turned out like this, says Linn Svahn and shows how the neck gets a slap before she continues:

– Typ whiplash.

Bleeding at one temple, she wants to run intervals, but the leaders advise her not to.

At a later interview in the documentary, Linn Svahn gives his collection of bangs:

– I crashed on the side, hit my head, got a little hit and was probably a little so there that it was not so good, but it was just a crash no more than that. But there were penalties I did not think could come from such a crash.

The realization that the injury was serious got Linn Svahn back at the hotel.

– I had a little pain in the head and neck and stuff like that and there were no strange things, but then when I stood and showered and could not wash my hair because I could not lift my arm over my head, I realized that it might not be so super good. The shoulder was quite limited, she states in the SVT documentary.

“Then I went out”

The days after the injury awaited the Swedish Championships in Borås. But instead of preparing for the championship and the World Cup, the young sprint specialist had to seek help. One of the visits was extra painful.

– Then it was just to drive to doctor after doctor and see what it was. So I was in a lot of pain.

– I have fainted twice in my life. And then was one of the times. When they harrowed and had to figure out what it was, I just went out, she says.

Linn Svahn probably did not know at that time how long the injury would be. She made an attempt at the World Cup after all, but the shoulder did not work and the rehabilitation period has later dragged on when the injury was difficult to diagnose according to the national team’s then medical manager Per “Pliggen” Andersson. He has been self-critical for the protracted medical period.

Nothing has gone Linn Svahn’s path and in the autumn she was forced to have an operation. According to the reports that Sportbladet has read, the rehabilitation is going according to plan, but the time before the Olympics is short.


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Svahn reveals the drama: “I fainted” • Tells about the visit to the doctor