Sport and art and action in Stuttgart

After 2010 and 2016, the world championship in indoor cycling will be awarded in Stuttgart for the third time. “We are really happy that we can have such a big competition again,” says Sophie Wöhrle, who will compete for the German team in two-man art cycling, “there will be a super good atmosphere in the Porsche Arena”. Her partner Caro Wurth also believes that: “The backdrop in the arena is unbelievable – it will be impressive.”

Home game for the women’s two

Impressive also because the two will have a real home game in Stuttgart, because the Black Forest women studied in the capital of Baden-Württemberg: “It’s an unbelievable feeling,” says Caro Wurth, “it feels like the whole club, and Stuttgart is just like that a little bit our hometown too. ” So the best conditions if the two will fight for the medal at the weekend. At the last World Cup they narrowly failed because of the gold medal, but this time it could be enough – after all, the two of them have already won the overall World Cup this year.

Lucas Kohl with the best chances of victory

The German Lukas Kohl also has a good chance of winning the title in one-man art cycling. The 25-year-old from RMSV Concordia Kirchehrenbach wants to secure his fifth world championship title in Stuttgart: “The anticipation is huge,” said the Bavarian in an interview with SWR Sport, “it’s just the coolest thing in Germany. Germany is the art cycling stronghold and that’s why it is the atmosphere and mood really, really brilliant. “

Max Maute makes World Cup debut

This year, Max Maute will experience this atmosphere for the first time as an athlete. He is also competing in single-art cycling, making his World Cup debut. The Albstadt native follows in big footsteps: his grandfather Manfred Maute is three times world champion, his father Dieter Maute has even secured the title five times and also invented an artificial bike element, the “Maute jump”. The junior achieved ratings of over 200 points for the first time this season.

Kunstrad foursome wins gold

On Friday evening there was a first title to celebrate in the Stuttgart arena: The Kundstrad four of the women of VfH Worms secured the gold medal. With an almost flawless performance, Nora Erbenich, Sabrina Born, Hannah Rohrwick and Annika Furch prevailed over the quartets from Austria and Switzerland.

At the bike ball it gets loud in the arena

Parallel to the competitions in artificial cycling, another highlight will take place in the hall at the weekend: the world championship for cycling. If the spectators expect a sport full of aesthetics and elegance while cycling, the cycling ball offers dynamism and action. Similar to soccer, the ball has to go into the goal, but it is not transported there by foot, but by bike. “The atmosphere at the bike ball is right, you can be as loud as you want,” says Sophie Wöhrle, “with the artificial bike you should be quiet until the program is over, but of course you can really go wild with the bike ball.”

SWR broadcasts WM in a live stream

A total of six cycling teams will fight for the title this weekend. Defending champion Patrick Schnetzer from Austria will also be there – in 2019 he became world champion with team-mate Markus Bröll, this year he will compete with his new partner Stefan Feuerstein.

The SWR will broadcast the indoor cycling world championships on Saturday (from 3:40 p.m.) and Sunday (from 1:30 p.m.) in a live stream on YouTube and at SWR

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Sport and art and action in Stuttgart