Spalletti refuses Rui Vitoria’s handshake. VIDEO

Small disagreement between the two coaches after Napoli’s defeat in Moscow. At the triple whistle Rui Vitoria looks for Spalletti to shake his hand, but the Napoli coach refuses the gesture. An episode probably caused by some residual waste from the first leg match. In November 2006 Spalletti ended up at the center of controversy for shaking hands with all the Catania players, after having overwhelmed the Sicilians 7-0 at the helm of Roma


Nerves tense at the end of Spartak Moscow-Naples. The Russian team won 2-1 with a brace from Soblev, the final goal from Elmas was useless. A result that complicates Napoli’s path in the Europa League. After the triple whistle of the referee Turpin, there was a disagreement between the two coaches: Rui Vitoria went to look for Luciano Spalletti to shake his hand, as often happens at the end of the race, but the Napoli coach refused the squeeze, raising his hands. The Portuguese colleague remained motionless, with a puzzled expression, while Spalletti returned to the locker room.

The waste from the first leg between Spalletti and Rui Vitoria

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Spalletti: “Easy to shake hands at the end of the game”

This episode probably comes from some waste between the two coaches in the first leg match. On Thursday 30 September, at the Maradona stadium, Napoli hosts Spartak Moscow. Spalletti enters the field and goes to look for his colleague to wish him good luck. He looks for him on the bench of the Russian team, but cannot find him. Someone mentions that the coach is right in front of the bench, at which point Spalletti heads towards Rui Vitoria and hugs him before the initial whistle. An unexpected event that Spartak Moscow did not like, who wrote on Twitter: “Honest mistake, but he won’t forget Rui anytime soon“. Indeed, Spartak Moscow will beat Napoli both in the first leg (3-2 at the Maradona stadium) and in the second leg (2-1 in Russia). Probably Spalletti did not appreciate the ironic tweet, which Russian television aired again after Spartak’s victory in Moscow. Among other things, at the end of the first leg match, Spalletti addressed his opponents saying: “See you in Moscow”, as recalled by another ironic tweet from the Russian team after the victory in the second leg.

The precedent of Rome-Catania 7-0

Speaking of given and missed handshakes, there is a famous precedent concerning Luciano Spalletti. It dates back to November 19, 2006, when he coached Roma. The Giallorossi overwhelmed Catania 7-0 at the Olimpico, with Pasquale Marino’s team remaining in ten men in the 15 ‘due to the expulsion of Mascara. At the end of the game, Spalletti awaits the Catania players on the locker room stairs to shake their hand, one by one. An episode also told by Francesco Totti in his autobiography: “I don’t know what Spalletti’s real intentions are, but certainly the Catania players take it very badly, thinking about a mockery. A few minutes later I see Pulvirenti and Lo Monaco going up the corridor furious like beasts. “Catania, in short, does not take it well, arguing that it was a hypocritical attitude, given that during the match Spalletti would have encouraged his players to attack relentlessly, even when the result was already more than achieved. From there arises a rivalry between Sicilians and Giallorossi, which will culminate on May 18, 2008: Catania beat Roma at Massimino on the last day and extinguishes the Giallorossi’s dream scudetto, while in Parma a brace from Zlatan Ibrahimovic crowns Inter champion of Italy.

November 19, 2006. Luciano Spalletti shakes hands with Catania players after Roma’s 7-0 victory

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Spalletti refuses Rui Vitoria’s handshake. VIDEO