Pioli takes stock of the injured and announces a starter

The victory against Torino in the midweek round is already in the archives, with the Milan who immediately dives into the next championship challenge. A match that is anything but simple, given that the Rossoneri will be busy Sunday at 8.45 pm at the Olympic Stadium against Roma. In the press conference on the eve, Stefano Pioli thus presented the challenge to the Giallorossi.

Does anything change after Roma’s comeback in Cagliari?

“I don’t think so, we’re playing against a strong team that stopped Napoli at home and are unbeaten at the Olimpico. An important opponent is certainly waiting for us.”

Is Roma-Milan another important test for AC Milan? How is Brahim Diaz?

“All matches are exams for us, but that’s the way it is for all teams. The more difficult the exam, the more you have to prepare well, but we are convinced we did it. Offensively Roma are second to none and there will be some difficulties, but we will put our weapons on the field. Brahim Diaz is better, he has done a week of almost complete training and we’ll see if he plays tomorrow. “

Will Ibra play again after Bologna? Kjaer talked about the Scudetto, what do you think?

“Both Zlatan and Olivier are doing better, they are training continuously and their condition is growing. It is not yet optimal for both, one will play from the start and the other will be ready for the game in progress. I heard Simon’s words. and they make me very happy. We must continue to face every match as if it were the last and try to win them all. “

Did Milan learn to win by playing less well?

“I don’t think we played badly against Torino. Torino is a team that makes you dribble a little and it is therefore normal to dribble less and create less, but we have been a team from start to finish. We prepare matches to try to dominate them. but let’s not forget that on the other side there are opponents who try to put us in difficulty.The important thing is to have an identity, an approach to the game and carry it on for 95 minutes, to insist and not be influenced by difficulties brought about by the result. Against Torino it was an important victory

What impressed you the most about Roma against Napoli? How’s Rebic doing?

“The most important aspect we saw against Napoli was the character aspect of Roma. They have great aggression, physicality, determination. We know the Olimpico very well, we know the difficulties that we will also find at an environmental level. We will have to be very clean. on a technical level and lucid in his choices. As for Rebic, the pain in his ankle has not yet passed and tomorrow it will not be available. We travel day by day to understand when it will be available “

Do you believe Leonardo who said he never contacted either Kessié or Theo Hernandez? Does Napoli have an improvement from a defensive point of view in addition to Milan?

“I have no intention of commenting on Leonardo’s words. I am only interested in seeing my players available and inside what we are doing. We have become used to isolating ourselves and staying focused on what we can determine, such as tomorrow night’s performance. that Napoli and Milan are making an incredible journey. Each team has its own characteristics, we always try to score one more goal than the opponent, it is clear that as against Torino, if we don’t concede a goal, it’s easier to win. “

Will he do some turnover, especially in midfield? In blocked matches like the one against Torino, is the presence of Brahim Diaz essential?

“As for the midfielders, there are four of them because I am also seeing Bakayoko very well in training. The three games are all important, but we have to think about tomorrow night first and I will think about possible shifts after the Olimpico match. I don’t think that Milan have decisive players, and that Brahim is a quality player who is doing well is equally true, but we also have other characteristics to put on the pitch when he’s not there. “

Are you aware that you have to do better against Roma than against Torino?

“We expect a different match because the way of being on the pitch and the qualities of Roma are different from those of Torino. We were good at playing the match even on Torino’s favorite ground, tomorrow against Roma we will have to be very good especially from the point of view. from a technical point of view “

Roma scores a lot on set pieces. Have you prepared anything specific?

“Inactive balls are always very important to prepare. We know the qualities of our opponents, with precise shooters like Pellegrini and Veretout and very important jumpers. In preparing for the match I take into account everything, even inactive balls, on some occasions I prefer maybe a taller player to have more solutions “

When did the spark hit this season?

“We are not interested in what we have done before today, we are interested in what we have to do from tomorrow onwards. Our goal will be to keep motivation and stimuli high. But my work in this sense is not very difficult because I have a team very eager and hungry to win something “

Has Leao improved physically?

“He’s fine. He has a way of playing where he continually tears, so he consumes a lot of energy. But he’s fine in his head and when you’re like that you go over even some physical difficulties. He’s proving to have great qualities and a great attitude. , it must continue like this “

How’s Theo Hernandez doing? Will Ballo-Tourè be there? How will it handle returning players from Covid?

“Certainly these are particular and delicate situations, but Theo has played for Turin for a while and has trained well these days. Ballo-Tourè has recovered and it is important to have him available, but tomorrow Theo will play from the first minute. We will see later in the match. what his conditions will be and whether he will be able to play 90 minutes “

A point on the injured

“Messias and Florenzi are not available for tomorrow’s match, they should return to training in the next few days. I don’t know if they will already be in the Champions League or for the derby, but they are better.”

Is the fact that Roma always play with the same formation a point in favor for Milan?

“Roma are a strong team, if Mourinho always chooses the same eleven it is because he trusts them a lot and the performances are at a high level”

What do you think of Mourinho?

“He is a great manager who has won in all parts of Europe, I think he is very good at giving an identity to the teams both from a tactical and mental point of view. We will face an important opponent”

Would you like to be remembered at Milan as a master or a designer?

“My experience at Milan is at the beginning, it is a path yet to be developed. It will depend on where we arrive, because the judgments depend on the results. I would like my players to think that I am the right coach for them, only this “

Does the presence of Tomori make a difference for Milan’s defensive phase?

“Tomori has an impressive mental attitude and continuity in training and during the match. I think the defensive phase must be done by the whole team and if the forwards defend well, the first to benefit are the defenders. Tomori is always positive and when you have an attitude like hers is difficult not to be ready “

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Pioli takes stock of the injured and announces a starter