“Not ready to play two games in a row”, “an idea that belongs to the past”: the Madrid press buries Eden Hazard

“The problem with EdenHazard is that the coach is picking other players right now”. This Tuesday, Carlo Ancelotti was very clear with Eden Hazard. If he’s not playing, it’s because his competitor, Vinicius Jr, is simply better than him. Injuries do not therefore dictate his choices. Obviously, this declaration caused a lot of ink to flow in Spain.

Marca is also skeptical about the Red Devil. “Ancelotti stings Eden Hazard”, headlines the Madrid newspaper. In their pages, our colleagues explain that Eden simply does not deserve to play. “At first, it was thought that Eden Hazard and Marco Asensio would surround Karim Benzema for a few years. But this idea now belongs to a very distant past. They have been overtaken by Vinicius and Rodrygo. To the point that the debate no longer exists. . “

For the daily, Eden even passed fifth in the hierarchy. “Asensio can at least present his three goals against Mallorca. While the Belgian has absolutely nothing to claim a starting place. Beyond his galactic price. Especially since Bale is on the return …” It will be very difficult for Bale and Hazard to win back Carlo Ancelotti’s favor for Marca: “From now on we’ll call this trio the BVR. They’ve played 12 times together and haven’t lost once. When these three players are on the pitch, Hazard and Bale have to fight for their place!”

AS is still more measured than its competitor. “Another chance for Eden Hazard”, headlines the other daily in Madrid. With a lot of games to play, Carlo Ancelotti could try to revive number 7. “He didn’t have a minute in the last Clasico, nor in the previous four, but today is a new start, 13th episode. He must start again “, estimates the newspaper.

Consultant for the newspaper, Frédéric Hermel, a French journalist who actively follows Real Madrid, also gave his opinion in the daily. “The game against Osasuna seems like a good opportunity to see Eden Hazard on the Bernabéu pitch”, he begins. “Maybe not as a start, but for a few minutes in the second half, at least.”

He is then much more fatalistic about the rest of his adventure. “The echoes that reach me do not invite optimism either. ‘Eden has lost the desire to be one of the best players in the world’, recently explained to me a person very close to the locker room. The best So the thing to do is count without Hazard. And leave the door open to a good (and huge) surprise. Just in case “, he concludes.

“He’s not ready to play two games in a row with his weak muscles”

Another Spanish daily was not kind to Eden Hazard. For ABS, Hazard is “A difficult case that goes beyond football. He is affected by an inherent psychological aspect, fear. Unfortunately, the Belgian’s situation has become chronic at Real Madrid because of the injuries. The fears of the club’s doctors only add to the translate the player’s fear of a new mishap. “

For our colleagues, Hazard does not play at the request of the medical staff. “Doctors tell him he can’t play two full games because it’s risky for his weak muscles.” An untenable situation for this football lover. “No one has been able to find the reason for these countless injuries. It is as if the operations he underwent had caused his muscles to become chronically weak. And Hazard is afraid of not knowing why, of not finding d ‘arguments in the face of all its problems. “

Still according to ABC, Eden Hazard will shoot down his last cards in the coming months. “This season will be decisive for his future. He won’t be able to play a fourth season as a residual. And he won’t want to either. So he has eight months left to turn things around.”

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“Not ready to play two games in a row”, “an idea that belongs to the past”: the Madrid press buries Eden Hazard