Litoměřice – Jihlava 5: 1, Litoměřice defeated Jihlava and leader Třebíč approached –

Třebíč won for the fourth time in a row. Lukáš Nedvídek opened the score in the 5th minute in a power play, Tomáš Vildumetz equalized in the numerical advantage at 16:59, but David Michálek returned the lead to Horácká Slavia 50 seconds before the end of the opening act. In the 37th and 55th minutes, Dávid Kohút turned the score with two goals. In the time of 58:28, however, Ladislav Bittner forced the setting and only the home team Lukáš Forman and Bittner prevailed in the shootout. Sumperk lost for the third time in a row.

Jihlava failed after three victories and scored only the second defeat of the last ten duels. Marek Berka took the lead after 131 seconds of the game and Lukáš Válek increased his own weakness in the 16th minute. In the middle of the final act, Josef Koláček adjusted to 3: 0. Dukle still hoped for 99 seconds before the end, Vojtěch Zeleňák, but at the last minute during the power play in the empty goal, Josef Jícha secured the lead and then Martin Kadlec completed the result.

Kolín and Sokolov kept pace in the first period, when Jan Veselý still answered Jan Strejček’s opening goal. Between the 24th and 35th minutes, however, Baník decided with four goals. Vít Jiskra returned the lead to the home team, then Daniel Kružík took advantage of the numerical advantage and Tomáš Rohana and Daniel Přibyl added other goals. For the Spartan striker, who returned to match rhythm after more than four years after knee problems, this was the first goal in the third duel after the comeback.

Poruby’s new coach Jiří Režnar started defeating on the ice in Přerov 0: 2. The bison did not succeed at home for the first time a week ago, when they lost to Jihlava 1: 2, but now they are reigning at home again. Already in the 3rd minute, Matouš Kratochvil gained them a lead in the power play, and after 25 seconds of the third period in the game of four against four, František Hrdinka still prevailed. Goalkeeper Lukáš Klimeš kept a clean sheet in the first league thanks to 27 interventions for the first time this season.

The third victory from the last four matches was celebrated by the sixth Prostějov, who defeated Benátky nad Jizerou 3: 1 at home. The Central Europeans lost for the third time in a row. The Hawks were the first to rejoice in the 34th minute, after Tomáš Jáchym took advantage of the power play. Daniel Špaček took care of the equalization 11 seconds before the end of the second period. After 98 seconds of the last part, Šimon Jelínek returned Prostěj’s lead and Jan Kloz finished the result in 59:12.

Round 23 of the first Chance Hockey League:
Litomerice – Jihlava 5: 1 (2: 0, 0: 0, 3: 1)
Goals: 3. Berka, 16. Válek, 51. Koláček, 60. Jícha, 60. M. Kadlec – 59. Zeleňák. Judges: Zavřel, Petružálek – Coubal, Hnát. Penalty: 5: 3. No use. In weakening 1: 0. Attendance: 750.
Sokolov – Kolin 5: 1 (1: 1, 4: 0, 0: 0)
Goals: 3. Strejček, 24. Jiskra, 30. Kružík, 32. T. Rohan, 35. D. Přibyl – 14. J. Veselý. Judges: Grech, Sýkora – Tvrdík, Sedláček. Exclusion: 4: 6. Utilization: 1: 0. Attendance: 528.
Trebic – Sumperk 4: 3 after sam. raids (2: 1, 0: 1, 1: 1 – 0: 0)
Goals: 5. Nedvídek, 20. D. Michálek, 59. L. Bittner, deciding sam. raid L. Forman – 37th and 55th Kohut, 17th Vildumetz. Judges: Bejček, Jechoutek – Polák, Štofa. Exclusion: 1: 4. Utilization: 2: 1. Attendance: 761.
Prerov – Poruba 2: 0 (1: 0, 0: 0, 1: 0)
Goals: 3. M. Kratochvil, 41. Hrdinka. Judges: Šudoma, Jaroš – Štěpánek, Blažek. Exclusion: 2: 4. Utilization: 1: 0. Attendance: 611.
Prostejov – Benatky nad Jizerou 3: 1 (0: 0, 1: 1, 2: 0)
Goals: 34. T. Jáchym, 42. Š. Jelínek, 60. J. Kloz – 40. D. Špaček. Judges: Čáp, Micka – Kleprlík, Kráľ. Exclusion: 3: 4. Utilization: 1: 0. Attendance: 365.
Slavia Praha – Kadaň 5: 0 by default.

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Litoměřice – Jihlava 5: 1, Litoměřice defeated Jihlava and leader Třebíč approached –