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[Reiseblogger-Kooperation] A city trip to Lingen with children? First I have to google where that is. But I already know: Such entrances often lead to the best trips ever! The small town in Emsland also gave us a really great time. Here comes our experience report on the short vacation with toddlers and teenagers – warmly recommended for imitating.

#cities4family in Lingen

Our trip to the Emsland is part of the #cities4family-Action for the marketing group about cities. In his blog we present all 18 participating cities with a focus on family vacations. We are always available for city trips with children.

Lingen is number nine town on our list. So here we are exactly at half time. It is also the last stop on our road trip during the summer vacation. Before that we traveled to Stade, Bremerhaven, Oldenburg, Wilhelmshaven and Papenburg.

Only in retrospect did I decide to split the article about Lingen with children into two parts. It was just too long. This part now covers the actual city trip. Our paddling adventure on the Ems, including an overnight stay tip for families, is now here: Paddling on the Ems with children.

After an eventful day in the north of the Emsland, we arrive in the late afternoon. As usual, in Lingen we are out and about with all three children. Our teenagers are 17 (Janis) and 14 years old (Silas). At just under two years old, Franka is our latecomer. As always, we stay in town for around 24 hours. During this time we want to try out as much family program as possible. So we want to find out how recommendable a city trip to Lingen with children is.

The five of us in Lingen. Also included: our “rental car” (see below).

This is the unofficial version. Here I just tell everything and don’t mince my words.

Outdoor escape tour through Lingen with children

First of all, we explore the Emsland from the water. We go paddling on the Ems (as I said, the report is here).

After so much adventure around Lingen, we finally get to know the city itself. And it happens in a very special way. The escape room provider Room Fox has developed an outdoor tour for Lingen. That turns the dreary city tour into an exciting thing.

Unlike the Detective Trail in Bremerhaven, for example, it is not a sightseeing adorned with quizzes. The puzzles require full concentration. The city forms the backdrop for a mission to which we must devote our full attention. Individual elements from the story are discussed. And when we walk back and forth through the city, we get a good impression of Lingen. A city tour does not really replace the action. But she (us) is decidedly more fun.

ac lingen high town hall

We also visit the sights of Lingen – here the town hall – along the way.

The secret track

Our “rental car” is already waiting in front of the Room Fox in the city center. The strange vehicle contains everything we need for our puzzle tour. As we learn, a venerable Lingen secret society has recently also opened up to travelers. The “Vulpes” have problems with their offspring and take everyone – if they prove themselves worthy. In order to become a member of the mysterious order of particularly good and clever people, we have to follow the secret trail. It goes without saying that we are up to the challenge!

A “magic” pointer is attached to the bulky handcart. He shows us the direction. At street corners it suddenly turns so that we can get around the curve. It takes a while to get the system right. Sometimes the compass begins to spin helplessly in narrow streets. After a few teething problems, however, we got the hang of it.

lingen escape puzzles

The “magic compass” – and Janis doing concentrated puzzles. What he’s doing there won’t be revealed!

As soon as we are where we should be, there is a drumming noise. Sometimes one of the mysterious flaps pops open at the same time. This gives us the utensils we need to solve the tasks. The built-in screen asks us the questions. We answer them with a keypad. If we can. Sometimes we have to think outside the box. Twice we get standardized tips. When we seem to be stuck with the navigation at the very beginning, a call to the head office helps.

Of course, I don’t want to spoil too much. But in the meantime we feel very much reminded of old point-and-click adventures. The trolley is our mobile inventory collector. Use rope with …?

Escape tour with children

The puzzle tour is doable with our toddler in our luggage. As expected, this is not ideal. Because Franka needs stops at the playground every now and then, we need more time than planned. (As long as there is no follow-up booking, fortunately it doesn’t matter. And we are enough people that someone can always take care of them.)

A bouncy castle was set up at the Powder Tower during our visit. Our toddlers love it, while the grown-ups are puzzling. The beautiful Kivelinge playground is also on the route. (Franka then sleeps there, though.)

I highly recommend “The Secret Track” for exploring Lingen with children from around five or six years of age. Then the kids will understand better what it is about. Of course, they won’t be able to solve the riddles yet. They are tailored to adults. We recommend the tour for active players aged 14 and over, but younger people can also help. For many puzzles there is handyman work that children can do well.

ac lingen escape dare with child

If a crate of beer fits in, a toddler fits on it too. After pulling along in front for a long time, Franka is allowed to sit up (until she threatens to tip over while falling asleep).

With the handcart through Lingen: Our conclusion

We have a lot of fun on the “secret track”. At least four of us. Silas is a little uncomfortable walking through the city in such an unusual vehicle. “The puzzles are fun,” he admits. “But I’m just embarrassed.” The action demands a bit of chutzpah. The escape tour is so popular that the refurbished handcart is already a familiar sight for Lingen residents. Only a few other tourists look after us.

The tour is a real highlight for Janis, Martin and me. The puzzles have a pleasant level of difficulty. While techniques and motifs are repeated at some point in classic escape rooms, we are faced with a number of innovative ideas here. The story itself reminds us a little bit of our only comparable experience, when we took our entrance exam for the Dragon Order in Bückeburg. (I blogged extensively about this as well.)

lingen escape pulverturm

The Powder Tower is one of the sights of Lingen. Here, too, we come by with our vehicle.

Room Fox also offers similar wagon tours in Bielefeld, Frankfurt and Osnabrück. To what extent the puzzles are similar there, I would ask before I book a second tour there. (The ones in Bückeburg are different. And in Göttingen there is also a handcart, but the framework is completely different. The makers are not connected.)

First and foremost, the escape tours are popular with cliques and bachelorette parties. The “trunk” of the car is not standardized for a crate of beer for nothing. Nevertheless, I think the campaign is also really recommendable for families. The concept is ideal to motivate older children to tour the city and have a great time themselves!

ac lingen with children

With buggy and handcart through Lingen …

Vegan cake break in Café Aivilo

It’s the last day of ours #cities4family-Road trips. We just have to get home today. So we take the chance and stop at Café Aivilo around 5 p.m.

Cafés are my favorite luxury. In every city I am looking forward to picking one or two beautiful ones and I hope that we will find the time to do so. It almost never works. But now!

flat white café aivilo

For me, a flat white is the perfect way to enhance a cappuccino. And the tart is tiny, but is more or less solid chocolate. I am very happy.

The Aivilo piqued my interest because the guests rave about the exceptionally good coffee in the reviews here. There is also a choice of vegan cakes and sweets, all of which have an experimental touch. We are always open to new ideas.

We get hold of a table in the outdoor area directly in the pedestrian zone. My flat white actually tastes heavenly. The cake creations are very small for the price, but not unsavory. That’s why everything is organic and fair. The staff is super nice. There is even a play area for children inside. Clear recommendation for everyone who likes new experiences.

Sweet graduation in Lingen with children

Something sweet follows – something sweet. At least in the house family4travel. We made our last investment in Lingen by mistake. At a final round we want to take another look at the marketplace. Franka finds a playground carousel. The boys supervise them (and take the opportunity to dabble on the cell phone on the bench next to them).

lingen playground marketplace

Pony rides on the Lingen market square.

Meanwhile, Martin and I find a little shop for Arabic sweets a little off the beaten track on Schlachterstrasse. Here we try different varieties. You have to have a big box full of it. (After all, we have to bring Grandma something to feed the cat!)

lingen arabic sweets

The display in “The Sweety”.

The only downside: the green color. Baklava and Co. are not made with pistachios, but with cheaper nuts. In my opinion, this is not a flaw at all. The only stupid thing is that this is obscured by green dye. If I’ve seen that correctly, there are all varieties with and without “green”. Somebody once explained to me (somewhere else) that pistachios symbolize prosperity and that green color translates in certain circles to mean: “You can’t afford it, but at least you make an effort.” Those who see food coloring as only an unnecessary additive, leave the varieties with the fake pistachios. Everything we tried was delicious regardless of the color. (Grandma was kind enough to share the big box with us while we reminisce together.)

More about Lingen with children

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paddling on the ems with children

ON the Ems it is also wonderful!

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Transparency notice: The trip took place on behalf of about cities, so that an illustrated report can be created in the about cities blog about Lingen with children. For this all costs were taken over. This post on my own blog is an unsolicited by-product and is entirely up to me.

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