Legami Leali celebrates the success of the Carpita: apartment confiscated from the mafia on Lake Garda and converted for tourist use

Located in the heart of Toscolano Maderno, among the most renowned villages of a unique territory, which ranges from the lake to the mountains, the Carpita sul Garda apartment is the first property confiscated from the mafias regenerated as a tourist accommodation in the province of Brescia and is about to end its first tourist season. Converted thanks to Loyal Bonds project, embodies the possibility of transforming spaces born as an expression of mafia power into community places, open to citizens and bearers of value for the territory.

A challenge, that of combining social reuse and local empowerment, which the Legami Leali project took up three years ago, when it started, thanks to the work of the special consortium company Garda Sociale and a group of private social entities, in the as part of the fourth edition of the Cariplo Foundation’s Welfare in Action program. And that required a long preparation process and synergies of different skills: just think that the confiscation of the property of Toscolano Maderno, already owned by an entrepreneur near the ‘Ndrangheta, dates back to 2011: the municipality obtained its destination only in 2019 and the reactivation required another two years of work.

To date, the apartment has been decorated and refurnished to become a place able to tell and raise awareness, as well as to welcome: has a library that hosts titles on the themes of mafia and anti-mafia included in the national Bill project (itinerant library of legality). On its walls echo the memories and emotions of the family members of Piero Carpita, innocent victim of the mafia to whose memory the confiscated property was dedicated. Last but not least, during the summer of 2021, guests had the opportunity to participate for free in the laboratory experience on legality and mafias in the north offered at the House of legality of Manerba, a training center for young people also born as a reactivation of a confiscated property curated by the Legami Leali project.

Also thanks to these attentions, although the launch took place at a very late season, thanks also to the selection of operators dedicated to responsible tourism together with the inclusion in some commercial portals, the first tourist season of the apartment was a success. The reactivation of the Piero Carpita apartment is also part of a supply chain project, which currently involves five other confiscated assets located on the Brescia coast of Lake Garda: the aim is to build a network of places open to citizens, both “native” and tourist, given the highly touristic character of the localities involved, which can be generative for the territory.

With this in mind, the reactivation of two other tourist apartments in the municipality of Puegnago del Garda is therefore planned for the next season; while a School of the common good is being studied at the Casa della legalitĂ  in Manerba: a modular training course concerning practices and techniques for building processes of civic participation, which could attract an interested public
even from outside the province and region. For all operators who are interested in starting a collaboration or just having more
information you can write to [email protected] Site: www.legamileali.it

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Legami Leali celebrates the success of the Carpita: apartment confiscated from the mafia on Lake Garda and converted for tourist use