La Spezia, with the Parco delle Mura, the redevelopment of a historical and architectural path starts

It was inaugurated on Saturday 23 October on Park of the Walls, the project of the recovery of the historic walls which is part of a wider project of rediscovery and requalification of the architectural testimonies of the history of Spezzina pre and post Arsenalizia.

The works were financed with resources from the Regional Strategic Fund and municipal resources for a total of 1 million 500 thousand euros .

“The Parco delle Mura is the first piece of the largest mosaic that is Spezia Forte, the recovery of La Spezia history from the fourteenth to the twentieth century so that the people of La Spezia can regain possession of the places in the heart of our city and become an unprecedented tourist flywheel – declares the Mayor della Spezia Pierluigi Peracchini – the Parco delle Mura winds for 4 km and is a path surrounded by nature that connects the city center with the hilly area: today we inaugurate the first section, but we are already working on the second, with a view to finalize the path to reach the Parco della Rimembranza, whose inauguration is scheduled for next spring.

The Parco delle Mura – continues the Mayor – is beauty to be experienced 24 hours a day, from sunrise to sunset: excursions, romantic walks, Sunday outings, in total safety thanks to video surveillance, at the maximum possible inclusion for people with disabilities, night lighting. A dream of the people of La Spezia that becomes reality thanks to the resources of the Liguria Region which from the very beginning strongly believed in this project ».

«As the Liguria region, through the Regional Strategic Fund, we have gladly financed the redevelopment of an area so important for the city of La Spezia – explained the president of the Liguria region Giovanni Toti -. The Parco delle Mura represents an area of ​​great value in the city, both from the point of view of urban and historical greenery, an investment that will allow the city to increase its tourist appeal even more, with a splendid path in the green and a dip in history for its citizens “.

The inauguration of the Parco delle Mura is part of the larger historical project “Spezia Forte” which also includes the Parco della Rimembranza, a Museum dedicated to the Cold War, the restoration of the former convent of the Poor Clares, the recovery of the Quintino Sella Antiaircraft Gallery each identified with a specific brand, historical explanatory panels in Italian and English complete with information and QR code. The Parco delle Mura will become a new place for La Spezia people and tourists where, immersed in nature, they can take a dip in the past of our city, admire the breathtaking panorama with unprecedented views and also spend an unforgettable evening with the illuminated walls.

The project of “Redevelopment and recovery of the nineteenth-century walls of La Spezia”, ​​has included and involved all those works necessary for the recovery and enhancement of the nineteenth-century walls of La Spezia to make the parallel path accessible to them which, together with the existing historical artifact relating to the so-called security belt, is organically inserted in a compendium that runs for about 4 km and is called “Park of the walls”. This park is spread over the hilly area of ​​La Spezia, embracing the historic nucleus of nineteenth-century expansion and develops in an almost continuous arc in an east-west direction starting from the area behind the Cathedral up to the Collina di Gaggiola to the west, including exclusively the areas relating to the paths located outside and above the walls.

Finally, a video surveillance system was created to ensure maximum safety and also discourage phenomena of waste abandonment and a lighting system that will guarantee on the one hand the use of the site even in the evening and on the other will allow a very suggestive view of the walls in evening time from the city.

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La Spezia, with the Parco delle Mura, the redevelopment of a historical and architectural path starts