Ice hockey: Salzburg and KAC suffer defeats

The second Hydro Fehervar AV19, who was five points behind, scored a 3: 2 after extra time at EC Grand Immo VSV. The spusu Vienna Capitals drove in a 5: 4 after penalty shootout against Steinbach Black Wings Linz the fourth victory in the past five games. The TIWAG Innsbruck Haie also prevailed in the second western derby of the season against Dornbirn Bulldogs thanks to five goals in the final third (6: 3) and are now third.

For Salzburg, a series of five games, which were only decided after regular time, ended with a defeat after 60 minutes. Although the game was open for a long time after the equalizer by Jan-Mikael Järvinen, the Bulls did not recover from the recent deficit due to a solo by Anthony Luciani (52nd), even with the recovered Alexander Pallestrang and captain Thomas Raffl.

Villach is narrowly defeated by Fehervar

Villach was preparing to take revenge for the two defeats in Hungary in what was already the third duel of the season. Thanks to goals from Scott Kosmachuk (13th / PP) and Marco Richter (26th) it looked good for a long time, but Alex Petan shot Fehervar into overtime (59th). The KAC drove home from Bratislava without a point. Goalie Jakob Holzer had to reach behind him five times on his debut in the top division. The close game slipped away from the Klagenfurt team, who had not had the longer-injured striker Nick Petersen, in the third third (0: 3).

The strong results of the Vienna Capitals continued in Linz. The Viennese led 3-1 early on, but could not follow up on the last strong defensive performances. The Linz “Lebensversicherung” Brian Lebler prepared the next goal twice and scored the goals to 3: 3 and 4: 3 himself. Matt Prapavessis saved the caps in goalless overtime before the Danish caps top scorer Nicolai Meyer, who had previously prepared three goals was the only one to sink his penalty.

Dornbirn with fourth defeat in a row

In the hard-fought western derby, Innsbruck had much longer stamina in the end. The Tyroleans made up a 0-2 deficit on the way to their fourth win in a row, Lukas Bär became the match winner with the goals to 4: 3 (48th) and 6: 3 (57th). Dornbirn lost for the fourth time in a row, but could at least look forward to the comeback of Jesse Saarinen, who assisted to make it 1-0 and scored 2-0.

The 99ers hit the loser road early on against Laibach. Already after the third start the Styrians were 3-0 down, goalie Niklas Lundström cleared the ice after 17 minutes. But Felix Nussbacher didn’t fare better either, after 40 minutes he was defeated twice (2: 5). It did not matter that the Graz team successfully canceled the league top scorer Guillaume Leclerc.

ICE Hockey League, 13th matchday

Innsbruck – Dornbirn 6: 3

(0:1 1:1 5:1)

Tore: Betker (35th), Paulweber (43rd), Lattner (46th), Bar (48th, 57th), Dostie (54th) bzw. Jevpalovs (13th), Saarinen (22nd), Häussle (46th)

Penalty minutes: 3 or 2

Linz – Vienna 4:5, n.P.

(1:2 3:1 0:1 0/0 0/1)

Tore: Umicevic (18th), Brucker (24th), Lebler (33rd, 40th) respectively. Sheppard (3rd), Wall (10th / PP), Sutter (21st / 21st), Prapavessis (58th / SH), Meyer (Decisive Penalty)

Penalty minutes: 8 or 5

Graz – Ljubljana 3: 6

(0:3 2:2 1:1)

Tore: Grafenthin (28th), Schiechl (40th), Ackered (59th / PP) bzw. Koblar (5th), Jezovsek (16th), Magovac (17th), Sturm (22nd), Stebih (36th), Erving (51st)

Penalty minutes: 3 or 6

Znojmo – Salzburg 3: 1

(1:1 0:0 2:0)

Tore: Svoboda (7./PP), Luciani (52.), Culkin (60./SH) bzw. Järvinen (7th)

Penalty minutes: 2 or 2

VSV – Fehervar 2: 3, nV

(1:1 1:0 0:1 0/1)

Goals: Kosmachuk (13th), Richter (26th) or Campbell (4th), Petan (59th), Sarauer (61st)

Penalty minutes: 2 or 5

Bratislava – KAC 6: 2

(1:0 2:2 3:0)

Goals: Faith (9th, 38th), Roy (37th), Nanne (38th), Sadecky (47th, 52nd, 58th) and Witting (26th), Obersteiner (35th)

Penalty minutes: 4 or 2

Val Pusteria – Bolzano 1: 2

(0:1 1:0 0:1)

Goals: Bardaro (27th) or Dehaas (14th), Lowe (52nd)

Penalty minutes: 3 or 4


* Victory after extra time / penalty shootout (two points)
** Loss after overtime / penalty shootout (one point)

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Ice hockey: Salzburg and KAC suffer defeats