Hradec Králové – Kladno 4: 3 PP, Drama decided a big mistake, Jágr again among the shooters

David Taneček, ČTK

The people of Hradec Králové give very good performances and stick to the top of the table. The last time they defeated Liberec was at home, that’s why they were expected to go hard in the duel with the penultimate Kladno. But that was not the case.

The full stadium, the second best visit of the season after the derby with Pardubice, looked at how more active the guests were. Their effort was already evident in the sixth minute, when the matador Plekanec Račuka found a perfect pass, beating Lukeš. He returned to the Hradec Králové goal area, despite the last time Finn captured Kivia against the White Tigers.

Jagr’s goal was enough for Kladno to a point! Pilsen and Kometa dominated, Třinec is also celebrating

It was the right boost for the guests. They could deal with a careful defense, in which Jágr also became involved. In short, caution was their commandment. They also managed several weaknesses, in which another great Plekanec was great. His cleverness and foresight played a key role in the numerical weakening.

Jergl hit the bar

Eastern Czechs got into chances sporadically, even though they had some options. For example, the šikula Jergl hit the post in the power play, and in the second third, Captain Smoleňák’s throw was very dangerous.

Hradec pressure nevertheless increased, after all, the distance between the two cuffs in the table was known. In the 29th minute, the onslaught of the home team was also reflected in the goal. Defender Pavlík hit the hit. It must be said that it was one of the few good chances, also in the second period it was played rather carefully.

Jaromír Jágr from Kladno rejoices at the goal.

David Taneček, ČTK

Even from this setting of the match, however, the home team took the lead. After 35 minutes, a mistake by the home side’s left defense allowed Fin Oksanen to get through. The guests were not helped by a four-minute power play, it was clear that they did not have enough strength in the offensive.

The third part was similar to the two before. Kladno was not of sufficient quality to get into chances. Hradec rather guarded the leadership. But he couldn’t do it. The visitors equalized in the 54th minute, when a member of the first attack, the Head, prevailed. But that was not all, in the 57th minute Kladno got into a break, which was finished by Jágr himself. It was the action of a great player. He conquered goalkeeper Lukeš with a perfect handle.

However, it was not enough to win Kladno. A minute before the end, Pavlík hit with a clever attempt. Therefore, the match went into overtime. The guests erred in it, which was taken advantage of by quarterback Blain and he decided.

18th round of the hockey extra league:
Mountfield Hradec Králové – Knights Kladno 4: 3 in prodl. (0: 1, 2: 0, 1: 2 – 1: 0)
Goals and recordings: 29. F. Pavlík, 35. Oksanen (Smoleňák), 59. F. Pavlík (Blain), 63. Blain – 6. Račuk (Plekanec, Melka), 54. Hlava (Dotchin, Plekanec), 57. Jágr (Hlava) . Referee: Hejduk, Vrba – Zika, Simanek. Exclusion: 3: 7. No use. Viewers: 5322.
Hradec Králové: Š. Lukeš – Nedomlel, Blain, Gaspar, F. Pavlík, Kalina, McCormack, Jank – Smoleňák, Lev, Oksanen – Perret, Kevin Klíma, Jergl – R. Pilař, Lalancette, Kelly Klíma – K. Lang, Koukal, Orsava. Coach: T. Martinec.
Kladno: Bow – Kehar, Dotchin, K. Wood, Ticháček, J. Suchánek, Baránek, Funk – Hlava, Plekanec, Jágr – Kristo, A. Kubík, M. Beran – Račuk, M. Filip, Melka – Hajný, Pitule, V Protein. Coach: D. Čermák.

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Hradec Králové – Kladno 4: 3 PP, Drama decided a big mistake, Jágr again among the shooters