From the Rhine to Lake Constance: beautiful boat trips in Eastern Switzerland

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From April to October, the 50-kilometer route from Schaffhausen up the Rhine to Kreuzlingen can be explored by boat. From there, an almost seamless change from one of the most beautiful river trips in Europe to the “Swabian Sea” is guaranteed. Far-reaching views over the Bodensee, listed town centers with beautiful promenades, local wine and freshly caught fish – with the following tips you are well equipped for an enjoyable boat trip in Eastern Switzerland.

From Stein am Rhein upstream towards Lake Constance

The Swiss Shipping Company Untersee and Rhein (URh) the route from Konstanz / Kreuzlingen to Schaffhausen and connects pretty villages embedded in an intact natural landscape. The scheduled boats need just under four hours for the entire route. Depending on your mood, you can look for a cozy place on board on a nice day and while the bow of the ship plows through the waves up the Rhine, you can simply enjoy the postcard backdrop left and right. Or you can combine the boat trip with a visit to one or more sights along the way. Particularly worthwhile: Stein am Rhein!

I always like to pay a visit to the charming town. The pedestrian zone in the old town center, lined with half-timbered buildings, is right next to the ship landing stage on the Rhine. Perfect for cruising on towards Lake Constance after a short stroll through town from Stein am Rhein.

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From the Rhine to Lake Constance: beautiful boat trips in Eastern Switzerland