Flensburg-Handewitt defies failures and wins in Bucharest

Shortly before the game, after five breakthroughs in vaccination, the Flensburg team also reported Magnus Röd’s failure again. Knee problems are troublesome for the Norwegian. A bitter blow for the already injury-plagued Schleswig-Holsteiners, who therefore had to forego four top performers at short notice: Röd, Simon Hald, Jim Gottfridsson and Hampus Wanne. In the absence of the coaching duo Maik Machulla / Mark Bult, who also tested positive, Oberliga coach Michael Jacobsen looked after the team.

“That shows once more what character, what attitude and what heart this team has.”
— SG-Coach Maik Machulla

In the first leg, the SG had already won by seven goals, with self-confidence they went to the ghost game in Romania on Thursday evening, where only the families of the Dinamo players were in the hall as spectators. Thanks to a very strong second half, the Romanian champions around the ex-Kieler Christian Dissinger were no longer a benchmark. The victory was almost vital on the way to the second round of the “premier class”.

Flensburg and Bucharest faulty in the first half

Temporary coach Jacobsen saw a concentrated performance of Der Flensburg at the beginning of the game. Led by Mads Mensah Larsen, the SG defied the Romanians. In the ninth minute, Johannes Golla met the playmaker to make it 6: 4. But as the season went on, not only the home side, but also the Flensburg team, made slight mistakes again and again. Both in coverage and in the conclusion. In excess, the guests fell behind (7: 9/14.).

Verbatim report by Dinamo Bucharest – SG Flensburg-Handewitt 20:28 (13:13)

Goals for Bucharest: Ghionea 5/1, Nantes 5, Mamdouh Shebib 4, Alouini 1, Gavriloaia 1, Gurbindo 1, Mousavi 1, Pascual Garcia 1, Racotea 1
Goals for Flensburg: Mensing 9, Jakobsen 5, Larsen 5, Einarsson 4, Golla 3, Lindskog 1, Svan 1
Penalty minutes: 4 / 8

Dinamo’s Algerian keeper Khalifa Ghedbane kept getting better. On the other hand, Benjamin Buric held a seven-meter throw from veteran striker Valentin Ghionea (18th). So it went back and forth, in the final minute of the first half Flensburgs Lasse Svan scored at 13:13 – it should remain his only goal.

Goalkeeper Buric and striker Mensing outstanding

After the change of sides, however, it looked very different. The German runner-up turned it up a notch. Despite two time penalties at the beginning of the second half, Flensburg-Handewitt continued to stand out: Emil Jakobsen scored at 18:15 (42nd), Aaron Mensing extended the lead to four goals (19: 15/43) and Teitur Einarsson increased five Minutes later to six (22:16). Buric also had his share with almost 50 percent held balls. Because Jakobsen and Mensing, who scored nine goals in the end, scored almost at will in the final phase, the Flensburg team celebrated a clear victory.

After the game failed at Hannover-Burgdorf, the Schleswig-Holstein team will continue against HSG Wetzlar on Sunday (4 p.m.). Even in the Bundesliga, the SG cannot afford to make mistakes any more.

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Flensburg-Handewitt defies failures and wins in Bucharest