Farfalle, the praise of the “sorceress” Maccarani: “This group will grow again”

The blue dt, after the world title and the five medals of Kitakyushu, looks to the future of his national team: “In Paris 2024 we will be protagonists”

Andrea Buongiovanni


How is a world gold won in Japan celebrated? Easy: with sushi taken from the canteen and consumed on the physiotherapist’s bed in a hotel corridor. It is the harsh law of gymnastics and anti Covid measures. The Butterflies, to really celebrate the title to the hoops and clubs and the silver to the five balls, will have time and means. The Butterflies, after an endless season, will even enjoy a whole week of vacation on their return to Italy: this is how the dt Emanuela Maccarani decided.

But dear lady, couldn’t you give them a few more days?

“They will have them, they will have them. Because I’m sure that, after these results, the non-sporting commitments, between one invitation and the next, will be numerous and therefore the training sessions will not be so continuous ”.

“I would say yes. After so many years in this world I can say that I have rarely been as excited as on this occasion. We were aware that we were well prepared, but anything can always happen in the race. Instead the girls, after two years which were particularly difficult for them due to the pandemic, closed the World Cup with an exercise with impeccable execution. And the emotional involvement was maximum “.

How did the public react?

“I got the impression that he cheered everything for us. And we have repaid so much passion with a perfect test ”.

Kitakyushu’s successes, after so many empty stages, were even more significant.

“With the grandstands full, everything changes: for too long we have competed among uncertainties. Here we were subjected to daily swabs, at the airport we stayed on a bus for over two hours and practically lived in prison. But it was worth it ”.

Did the Olympic bronze give the group an extra boost?

“After Tokyo we immediately got back to work, with clear objectives in our sights. We have tweaked the technical value of the exercises, further increasing the difficulties. We also took risks. But the commitment has paid off ”.

And what did Friday’s silver in the general competition represent?

“A great stimulus: also because in our hearts we knew that that performance would have deserved even more. The girls remained united and focused. And they found the strength to overcome themselves. I really liked their attitude, always serene ”.

By reversing a trend in some way, excellent individual results have also come.

“It was one of the goals pursued since I was appointed dt at the beginning of 2018. Sofia Raffaelli’s bronze in the circle, like her sixth place and Milena Baldassari’s ninth in the all-around and her presence in all the finals, are worth very. Thinking right now about the Paris 2024 Games, we must aim to qualify two, the maximum allowed ”.

As a sum of all, here is the silver in the Team Competition.

“It gives the value of movement and closes the Olympic cycle in the best possible way”.

“Great things: as long as you don’t rest on your laurels. This is why we cannot waste time. Compared to previous years, when preparation for the new season resumed at the beginning of October, we are late ”.

Will there be changes within the team?

“Maybe one: Alessia Maurelli, our captain, could stop. It will take some time to reflect, let’s say between now and Christmas. But I am confident that, with respect to certain expressed intentions, it can reverse ”.

“I go back to Rho, home and on Thursday I leave for Antalya, Turkey, where I will be among twelve candidates for six places on the international technical commission. It seems he has a good chance. I want to try to innovate the environment, in writing and enforcing the codes. In competitions abroad I will not be able to stay on the platform. But it will change little “.

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Farfalle, the praise of the “sorceress” Maccarani: “This group will grow again”