“Do the players govern?”: PSG, a club in perpetual turmoil

A goal gap, but a world separates them! This Wednesday, Manchester City gave a football lesson to PSG. If at the scorer, the difference is minimal, the terrain has made a whole new reality. And Mauricio Pochettino still has a long way to go before he reaches the collective fullness of Guardiola.

For Thierry Henry, consultant for Amazon and CBS Sports, PSG was first tactically eaten. “SIf you want to win the Champions League, you can’t defend with seven players. It’s impossible, I don’t care who you are “, he started. Already criticized by Jérôme Rothen, the Mbappé – Neymar – Messi trio is clearly targeted by these attacks.

Due to their poor defensive performance, the full-backs are too exposed. “So it’s practically a three against one, three against two on the field”, pursued the top scorer in the history of the France team. “The team that wins titles, and even more the Champions League, has their three attackers facing the ball. That way the full-backs will feel more comfortable with what is going on behind them. At the moment, they are too exposed. In France, the means are more limited and the teams are struggling to destabilize PSG. But Manchester City can. ” And we saw it this Wednesday evening.

Who is the boss at PSG?

In addition to the tactical problem posed by Guardiola, the consultant wonders who is the captain on board the Ile-de-France ship? “Pochettino is sometimes not allowed to be Pocettino with this team. How do you want to take Messi, Mbappé or Neymar off the pitch? So he chose Di Maria to play in midfield. But he was exposed and that didn’t did not help. “ Indeed, this choice made a lot of talk yesterday. While Paris was cornered, the Argentinian chose to go out … Idrissa Gueye for Di Maria. Two diametrically opposed profiles.

For Titi, also from the Parisian suburbs, the problem is recurrent at PSG. “Tuchel was already unable to make them defend (Editor’s note his attackers). As soon as he arrived at Chelsea, the players listened to him …”

With the success that we know because he won the competition against … City. “What I’m saying is: is the boss allowed to say things to them or do the players rule? It’s very difficult because if at the top the coach can’t be strong in terms of what he wants, how he would like to play… it’s getting difficult. You see that everyone who left PSG has won in Europe: Emery (Europa League with Villarreal) and Tuchel. “

If he said he wanted to stay at PSG, Pochettino was announced by several media on the Manchester United side. Rumors that should not help to establish his authority over his group. Despite this defeat, Paris remains qualified for the eighth and first in Ligue 1. Proof that everything is not as dark as it is said. But her position as contender for the Big Ears Cup took a serious blow after the loss to the Citizens.

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“Do the players govern?”: PSG, a club in perpetual turmoil