Cross-country skiing: Stadlober relies on new training stimuli

In any case, the basis seems to have been laid. “I think I’ve improved my training and taken a step forward, especially in the strength area. I feel good, better than last year at this time, I’m ready for the season, ”sgate Stadlober in an interview with the APA before the World Cup kick-off on Friday in Ruka, Finland.

As a lone fighter, she has so far lacked the joint preparation with other top athletes. As a result, she was not only able to learn new things in the weight room, but also gained additional motivation in everyday training.

Got into shape late last year

After the less than ideal World Cup preseason with a fourth place as the top result, the 28-year-old was looking for fresh impulses. “It didn’t go as expected. I only got into shape at the end of January, that was fine for the World Championships, but overall there was a lot missing. ”In the overall World Cup, it came in 14th.

In the title fights in Oberstdorf, she ran fourth and fifth just past the medal ranks. Even before that, she was not exactly lucky at major events. In 2018, her sensational error in choosing the route prevented a seemingly certain Olympic medal in Pyeongchang, before the 2019 home World Cup in Seefeld she was sick and therefore not up to date.

First altitude training with a view to the Olympics

Now there is another highlight coming up with the Winter Games in China. “It all boils down to the Olympics,” emphasized Stadlober. For the races at 1,800 meters above sea level, she also dared to do altitude training for the first time. “This is a new incentive.” Her annual training time is also being carefully increased after 720 hours in the previous year. After all, the competition sometimes trains 800 hours, the Norwegians around top star Therese Johaug even significantly more.

Stadlober’s final touches for the winter, including the test races, took place in Munio, Finland, with the first World Cup races on the program from Friday. Stadlober affirmed that she wanted to be more involved in Ruka than in the previous season.

In contrast to Johaug and a few others, the Radstadt native also wants to complete the Tour de Ski around the turn of the year. But she will skip the sprint weekend before Christmas in Dresden and a stop after the tour in Les Rousses, France. Nevertheless, a tight program will remain until mid-March if races are not canceled again due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Vermeulen is aiming for World Cup points

In Ruka, Mika Vermeulen is only a second Austrian contribution. “I was able to complete a really strong and extensive training session at home in Lillehammer. Unfortunately, I was a little sick last week and couldn’t train for a few days. In the meantime, however, I am fit again and very confident for the World Cup opener. ”His goal is the top 30, and he is particularly excited about the classic race because he has improved a lot in this technique.

In the medium term, there is no reinforcement in sight, there is a lack of the necessary substructure. “Of course it’s difficult when the youngsters are missing. We cannot draw on the full “, regretted Stadlober.

Soon the cross-country skiing division will return to the ÖSV

But at least there are signs of improvement with regard to the return of the cross-country skiing division to the ÖSV. This spin-off, imposed by ex-ÖSV President Peter Schröcksnadel as a result of the new doping scandal at the 2019 World Cup, expires after this season. The division is currently organized outside of the association as a separate association under the direction of Teresa’s father Alois Stadlober.

Stadlober said that her mother Roswitha now leads the association is good news for all Nordic members of the ÖSV. And the fact that a woman is heading the association for the first time is gratifying. “Ultimately, however, it’s about qualification. She was an athlete herself, heads the KADA association, was in politics and looked after three athletes with Papa, Luis and me. She can empathize, has the necessary humanity and know-how. “

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Cross-country skiing: Stadlober relies on new training stimuli