Covid infections in Italy today: data on the rise. Coronavirus Bulletin of November 24 – National Daily

Rome, November 24, 2021 – The new surge of Covid contagion in Veneto increases the expectation for the today’s bulletin on the Coronavirus in Italia. The data of the ministry of Salute and from Civil protection they will be released in the afternoon and will update us on new cases, dead, hospitalizations e terapie intensive. Yesterday there was no good news: the new positives returned to above 10 thousand after the usual decline on Monday, the number of deaths was the highest since June and hospital pressure in the wards and resuscitation has increased again. The clinical situation, together with the incidence, seems to condemn the yellow zone from next week on Friuli Venezia Giulia.

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Interventions, to try to contain the impact of fourth wave that is bringing to its knees much of Europe, will soon be introduced in white area. According to the previews of the control room that met in the morning on super green pass, which is only obtained with vaccination or recovery and no longer with negative tests, should come in already in force in the white area and should be required to access cinemas, theaters, restaurants and hotels. No turn of the screw instead on masks which in white are mandatory only indoors.

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We will publish here, as soon as they are available, the updates of the Ministry of Health and the Pdf table

In Veneto in the last 24 hours they registered 1.931 i new infections e 4 victims (11,922 in total since the beginning of the pandemic). The incidence of cases on 90,592 tests performed (23,285 molecular and 67,307 rapid) is 2.1%. The current positives are 23,825, 1,173 more than yesterday. The numbers are also growing on the clinical front: 431 patients are hospitalized in a non-critical area (+19) and 78 (+1) patients in intensive care.

In Tuscany I’m 391 i new cases of Covid identified in the last 24 hours from the analysis of 8,905 molecular swabs and 19,290 rapid antigenic swabs for a positivity rate of 1.4%. Today they also register 4 deaths: 4 men, with an average age of 72.3 years. The current positives are 8,100, -1% compared to yesterday. Among these, there are 300 hospitalized (3 less than yesterday), of which 47 in intensive care (2 more).

In the Walk have been identified 361 new cases of Covid, 11% compared to 3,283 swabs processed within the path for new diagnoses. It hasn’t been recorded in the last 24 hours no death: the budget since the beginning of the pandemic crisis therefore remains firm at 3,142 deaths. There are 93 patients assisted in hospitals: 23 (+1) are hospitalized in intensive care, 22 in semi-intensive care and 47 (+2) in ordinary wards.

Black day on the front of deaths from Covid in South Tyrol: other four people I’m death in the last 24 hours and the total number of victims, since the beginning of the health emergency, has risen to 1,233. It does not even slow down the circulation of the virus: they are 339 i new infections ascertained on the basis of 2,635 molecular swabs and 6,990 antigen tests. One third of the new cases were detected between young people up to 19 years of age. The pressure on hospitals is also growing: 151 patients are hospitalized, two more than yesterday, of which 9 in intensive care, 81 in ordinary wards and 61 in private (post-acute) facilities.

Out of 22,533 tests performed in Puglia tested positive 273 people with an incidence rate of 1.2%. The new cases of positivity are distributed as follows: in the province of Bari 69, in the Bat 13, in the province of Brindisi 40, in the Foggiano 45, in the Leccese 53 and in the province of Taranto 52. In the last 24 hours, also two deaths. There are 3,910 currently positive: 144 are hospitalized in a non-critical area, 18 in intensive care and the other 3,748 are in home isolation.

I am 256 i new positives at Covid identified today in Abruzzo from 4,678 molecular swabs and 8,858 antigen tests. The budget of deceased patients registers another case and rises to 2,580 since the beginning of the pandemic. The currently positive are 3,691 (+39 compared to yesterday): 94 (+3 compared to yesterday) are hospitalized in the medical area, 8 (-1 compared to yesterday) in intensive care, while the others 3,589 (+37 compared to yesterday) are in home isolation.

Leap of infections in Sardinia where they were detected 206 new positives at Covid, 1.5% of 13,514 tests processed. In the last 24 hours it has also registered a death. Better on the hospital front: the number of patients admitted to intensive care remains stable (13) and the number of hospitalized patients in the medical area is decreasing (43, -5). On the other hand, there are 2,386 cases of home isolation (+156).

Over one hundred (+110) infections in Umbria, where there are also 2 deaths. No deaths and 47 new positives in Basilicata; 53 cases in Molise. In Valle d’Aosta 36 infections and zero victims.

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Covid infections in Italy today: data on the rise. Coronavirus Bulletin of November 24 – National Daily