Corona talk at Maybrit Illner – Mega Zoff around kicker Kimmich

Stress about the syringe, worries about the intensive care units, in winter the contagious indoor life starts again and a national kicker not only divides its fans. Maybrit Illner suspects bad things: “No protection, no freedom – lockdown for the unvaccinated?”

The guests

► Boris Palmer (49, Greens). Tübingen’s popular mayor thinks it is right to end the national emergency.

► Peter Tschentscher (55, SPD). Hamburg’s First Mayor would like to prolong the emergency.

► Sibylle Katzenstein (54). The doctor with a practice in Berlin-Neukölln warns: “A lockdown for unvaccinated people would divide society even more!”

► Johannes B. Kerner (56). The TV presenter railed: “Kimmich is allowed to play unvaccinated, unvaccinated fans were locked out for a long time!”

► Prof. Alena Buyx (44). The head of the ethics council warns: “Kimmich is a role model for many. He should get better advice! “

► Prof. Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit (42). The virologist protects Kimmich: “First of all, you have to take your concerns seriously!”

Politics, medicine, media. The Zoff-o-Meter puzzles: What is the plan and who should Germany trust?

Sportiest start

Immediately after the kick-off there was a ball from the referee: “The excitement about Joshua Kimmich was unlikely,” said game director Illner, and thus set the discussion under full steam.

A ZDF film quotes the reason given by the kicker: “Because I just have a few concerns about the lack of long-term studies.”

Most questionable comparison

“All the more amazing is his engagement against Corona all over the world,” continues the ZDF video and adds an earlier Kimmich statement. “It was about the fact that there are also countries that do not have access to the vaccine,” the footballer had declared his commitment at the time.

Kimmich’s opinion: “If you make the decision that you want to be vaccinated, then I think we should do everything we can to ensure that the person can get vaccinated.” Period!

ZDF comment on this: “There is a hail of incomprehension and criticism. Kimmich on the sidelines? “STIKO boss Prof. Thomas Mertens assesses the Bayern star in the single player:” He is an expert on football, not on epidemics, but his case addresses people’s concerns. “

Understatement of the evening

After the film, Illner hits Palmer with a sharp cross: “Julian Nagelsmann, Bayern Munich’s coach, is in quarantine, although he has been vaccinated twice. Joshua Kimmich, probably healthy but not vaccinated, is now receiving a sea of ​​criticism. Is that a weird discussion? “

The green one lets the ball drain loosely. “I’m not a football expert, but I have some experience with shitstorms,” he understates. Recently, critics from his own party have threatened him not to stand for the next election …

Coolest Analysis

“I think we get excited too easily in this society,” criticizes Palmer. “I think these concerns are wrong. You can objectively refute that and say: Joshua Kimmich, you are simply not right! And then the debate would be over for me. “

The Lord Mayor’s verdict: “Everything else that is packed on top of that is this excitement and indignation democracy, which, in my opinion, does nothing better.”

Hardest tackle

Tschentscher also receives a template: “Politicians and athletes who do not get vaccinated can they no longer be role models?” Illner asks him.

“Certainly not on this point,” replies the man from Hamburg. “Mr. Kimmich is a very good football player, but that doesn’t make him a vaccination expert.” Uff! Did someone say that? “

Most lustful following

At least, so Tschentscher then a little milder, he could imagine that Kimmich’s concern about late vaccination consequences would be shared by many. But: “There are enough experts who can explain that this is a very unrealistic expectation.”

Ex-sports presenter Kerner, connected from Hamburg, rubs salt into a fresh wound for the footballer: “The 5-0 spades yesterday in Mönchengladbach is definitely more painful and has more side effects,” he scoffs at Bayern’s sensational cup defeat the day before.

“That hurt!” Says Illner with amusement.

Strongest attack

“In the argumentation, Kimmich simply galloped with the long-term consequences,” diagnosed the showmaster. According to all experts, there are only a very small number of aftereffects.

Kerner’s harsh accusation against the footballer: “The regrettable thing is that he argues that he gives the small, but rather active, lateral thinking section of the population a helping hand, who say: Look, even Joshua Kimmich, he certainly has great information, even he lets himself be do not vaccinate. “

Lowest attempt to appease

“I think he does that involuntarily,” the moderator then weakens somewhat, “but that is an undesirable side effect of his rejection of the vaccination.”

Kerner continues: “I am not one of those people who now drag Joshua Kimmich, an outstanding footballer, through the arena by the nose ring. I think he’s just not properly informed and that has to change. “

Most Temperamental Fire Speech

But then the moderator really starts again: “I am surprised that such a great competitive athlete is not properly informed in this important part of his personal life,” he rumbles.

To prove this, Kerner lists on his fingers: “He has a trainer, a tactical trainer, an athletic trainer, a conditioning trainer, a physiotherapist, a master orthopedic shoemaker who inserts his shoes, who goes to foot care and the dentist …”

The most sweeping cannonade of abuse

Cheerfulness in the group! Even the cool Hanseat Tschentscher is oiled up, and the show master is promptly getting more and more into motion: “At this crucial point he is obviously from the doctors who are good enough at both FC Bayern Munich and the German Football Association should give, not well informed. “Heidewitzka!

The talk show host hits it again: “Jürgen Klopp says not to be vaccinated is like driving a car drunk!”

Most urgent warning

Kerner also has one more thing: “His individual decision is also wrong,” he accuses Kimmich.

Because, according to the moderator: “If you perform at your best as an athlete and put a lot of strain on your body, you are an open window for the virus. He runs the risk of having a particularly difficult course and suffering dramatically himself! “

Kerner’s advice: “The team doctors at FC Bayern Munich should grab the Kimmich tomorrow morning and talk to him about it again very intensively!”

Most interesting counter-opinion

Doctor Katzenstein stated that she had “not yet had a patient who was persuaded to have the vaccination because a Mr. Spahn had himself vaccinated as a role model or because a Mr. Kimmich did not get vaccinated.” from the discussion! “

“Maybe we can even learn something from Mr. Kimmich,” adds the doctor. Because: “I believe that he speaks from the soul of many people. There are concerns about long-term consequences! ”When vaccinating, the only decisive factor is the trusting conversation between the vaccinator and the vaccinated patient.

Clearest announcement

“In the last few days we have had a multitude of opinions from outside the specialist field as to what Mr. Kimmich has to do or not have to do”, assists Schmidt-Chanasit, who is also a vaccinator. For him, too, the personal conversation is most important.

Because, according to the virologist: “It is important that you show empathy and respond to your fears. And of course you can argue with the scientific facts that clearly speak in favor of this vaccination. Nevertheless, one has to accept that there will always be people who do not get vaccinated. “

Strongest rebuke

Schmidt-Chanasit recommends that anyone who does not want to be vaccinated should at least get tested regularly, and “Joshua Kimmich did that.”

The virologist’s accusation against the footballer’s critics: “This is a private decision, and I find it problematic to show it off in public like that!”

And, continues Schmidt-Chanasit: “This discussion completely takes us away from the actual topic. It is certainly not a problem if a very healthy footballer does not get vaccinated. But the problem is the over 60-year-olds, where we have to make progress with the booster vaccination! “

Most interesting info

“There are also top athletes who had difficult courses,” recalls Illner. “Ilkan Gündogan was one of those cases. Most footballers get through it relatively quickly. Actually, they should be 90 percent vaccinated, but there are relatively many cases on the field. “

Kerner, himself infected with Corona in March 2020, called a doctor shortly before the Illner Talk, who vaccinated 200 Olympic fighters outside Tokyo with “Johnson & Johnson”. There was only one case of side effects, “in a hockey player who was slightly feverish for a few days”.

Most careful forecasts

“At the moment it is planned that all measures will end on March 20,” says Buys of the German “Freedom Day”. She thinks that is “very brave”, but “of course a catalog of measures will be retained.”

“Guys, the emergency is over, but it’s still serious,” suggests Palmer as a language for the day.

And for Scmhidt-Chanasit, given the “limited resources”, the old people’s and nursing homes must now have “absolute priority” in order to avoid a “large, high burden of illness” and “prevent an overload of the nursing staff”.

Quote of the evening

“Anything that has the potential to tear the community, our social structure apart, is bad.” Johannes B. Kerner


Intense dispute with hard bandages, sound arguments, well-injected proposed solutions and (almost) no fouls requiring anesthesia: That was a big league talk in the “syringe game” category.

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Corona talk at Maybrit Illner – Mega Zoff around kicker Kimmich