Command Fuzes Market Latest Industry Trends 2021-2026

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Global command fuzes market was valued USD 1,840 million in 2020 and is estimated to reach USD 2,866 million by 2030, growing at an estimated CAGR of 5.1% over the forecast period. Some of the players operating in the global command fuzes market are DIXI microtechniques, Fuchs Electronics, JUNGHANS Microtec GmbH, KAMAN CORPORATION, MAXAMCorp Holding, S.L., NAMMO AS, Northrop Grumman Corporation., Ordtech Military Industries, TARA Aerospace AD, Tungsten Heavy Powder & Parts amongst others.

Opportunities of the report

  1. Detailed overview of the market
  2. Key developments and product launches in the market
  3. Key parameters which are driving the market
  4. Recent industry trends and developments
  5. Market Penetration: Comprehensive information on the product portfolios of the top players in the trocars market

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Industry Trends

Growing demand for command fuze in military applications has aided the overall industry in the recent past and is expected to continue the same trend over the next eight years.  Most countries are transforming their arms and missiles in order to gain competitive advantages. The focus is not just on the quantity of ammunition but also on the quality, using modern technology. Command fuzes are becoming increasingly popular in military weapon application systems, mostly due their effectiveness achieved through target explosion. The command fuzes have better control over shell explosion, which helps to achieve explosion targets.

Artillery fuze is a type of munition fuse used in artillery ammunition, usually bullets fired by guns (field, anti-aircraft, coast and naval), howitzers and mortars. Combat artillery technology has evolved from traditional artillery gun built in the 12th century to new 21st century launchers. The goal of supplying heavy shells to long-term targets has given rise to many technological advances related to axillary yet technically important instruments such as fuzes. The war mechanism is more complex, the technology needed is more advanced. In earlier times, the fuzes used in shells were mainly mechanical in their functional nature.

These fuzes had a simple mechanism and would shut down with a predetermined time. Electronic fuzes were introduced in the shells with the need to have more control over the unfolding of fuzes which had better accuracy and performance. Upon discovering that fuzes such as proximity fuze had some weakness in hitting the target, new fuzes such as command fuze were introduced which would use a radio signal at ground level. Command fuzes exhibited better accuracy and functonality to exercise command and control over the battlefield in near real time. A company named Ochre Media Pvt Ltd. offers artillery fuzes for gun calibres 105mm to 203mm. They are mostly specialized for 155mm 39 to 52 calibre systems. Most of the artillery contact fuze types acts immediately, although some have a delay. This primarily allows high-explosive shell to penetrate a wall before exploding thus, achieving damage inside the building.

Sometimes, the fuze action causes detonation of the main high explosive charge in a shell. These contents can be lethal in nature containing now-obsolete shrapnel shell or modern sub-munitions. Proximity fuzes are not usually perfect and their bursts could be erratic owing to rain. As they are commonly used in artillery projectiles, they can duly measure the range accurately especially after the recent developments achieved by them. The areas wherein, the advancements have taken place in proximity fuze segment are accurate height of burst in ground fuzes, optimum point of burst against airborne, resistant to electronic countermeasures, ultra wide band fuzes, advanced signal processing techniques and application  of  Monolithic  Microwave  Integrated Circuit  (MMIC)  techniques. Such a factor is expected to propel the global Command Fuzes Market over the next eight years.

The effect of developing military technology around the world is fast-paced. The usage of arms and explosives with the most modern available technologies creates ample opportunities for consumers primarily dealing in those sectors. Major military forces were the early adaptors to new technology, as well as the first users of the same innovations. Of starters, the United States has always been at the forefront of the development of military technology; likewise, China and Russia are not far behind. In recent times, armed nations such as China, Saudi Arabia, France, and the United Kingdom amongst others have boosted their military spending in order to achieve a competitive edge. The demand for command fuzes from these countries will most probably increase during the forecast period.

Command Fuzes Market Segmentation:

Command Fuzes Market: By Fuze Type

  • Impact Fuze
  • Time Fuze
  • Mechanical Time Super Quick (MTSQ) Fuze
  • Others

Command Fuzes Market: By Application

  • Artillery Fuze
  • Mortar and Tank Fuze
  • Others

Command Fuzes Market: By Fuze Position

Command Fuzes Market: By Technology

Command Fuzes Market: By Geography

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Middle East & Africa
  • Latin America

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Command Fuzes Market Latest Industry Trends 2021-2026