China reaffirms an “unwavering” zero Covid strategy

Cities where, due to a single case of Covid-19 detected, all the lights turn red to prevent all traffic, trains canceled or stopped in the countryside while the passengers are tested, the 33,000 visitors to Disneyland in Shanghai detained and tested due to a positive case in the park, returns to Beijing conditioned to a test of less than forty-eight hours and in any case prohibited to travelers coming from an area where a case of Covid-19 has been screened in the previous two weeks … In this fall 2021, China seems less than ever willing to abandon its zero Covid strategy.

However, the number of patients is extremely low: currently around twenty new cases per day, mainly imported, are counted. With 109 new cases, November 3 was the peak of the Current “wave”. There are currently 958 hospitalizations, including seven “In serious condition”, according to the authorities. Officially, the country has only recorded 98,546 cases of Covid-19 since the start of the epidemic and the number of deaths is only 4,636. Some 2.4 billion doses of vaccine have been administered. and 1.07 billion people would be fully immunized; 65.7 million people are said to have received three doses.

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Until now, the country believed that the danger came mainly from abroad. Result: the number of international flights had already been reduced by nearly 98% since March 2020 and each city imposes quarantines of varying duration: two weeks of strict quarantine at the hotel followed by a free week but under medical supervision in Shanghai until no less than fifty-six days – twenty-eight days in a requisitioned hotel plus twenty-eight days of home confinement – in Shenyang, the capital of Liaoning, a stronghold of BMW.

The novelty is that with a new wave that appeared in the summer of 2021, traveling within the country itself is both roulette – in Chengdu, being less than 800 meters from a positive person for ten minutes. is enough to be sent to quarantine – and from the obstacle course, with tests before getting on trains but sometimes also on board. From corporate seminars to international exhibitions, there are countless postponed or canceled events.

No health pass

Officials at the International Import Fair – held in early November in Shanghai – canceled 40,000 badges intended for visitors from the north of the country. Of course, all visitors, vaccinated or not, had to present a test before entering.

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China reaffirms an “unwavering” zero Covid strategy