Brief information: Sono Motors, shortage of skilled workers, Apple Watch, SpaceX

With the Sion, the electric car manufacturer Sono Motors wants to bring an electric car onto the market with solar modules attached to its body. By the end of September this year, 14,000 reservations had been received with an average down payment of 3300 US dollars. When the electric car comes on the market, it will cost 21,400 euros. Before that, Sono Motors is planning an IPO in New York. The company has filed with the SEC to register its common shares on the Nasdaq Global Market, it said. The listing application form indicates that the company expects $ 1 billion in revenue from listing its shares on the stock exchange.

With a view to the lack of skilled workers, the Federal Association of Medium-Sized Enterprises sees Germany’s competitiveness threatened. “More and more companies in all sectors are currently finding neither skilled workers nor trainees,” said Federal Managing Director Markus Jerger to the newspapers of the Funke media group. This fundamentally endangers the competitiveness of medium-sized companies and thus Germany as a location as a whole. The STEM, health and care and craft sectors are particularly affected. To combat the shortage of skilled workers, Jerger calls for the targeted immigration of skilled workers.

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Apple’s popular inductive double charger for iPhone and Watch does not support the new quick charge function. The feature that is supposed to get the computer clock full 33 percent faster requires a new USB-C charging puck, which is simply missing in the MagSafe Duo, as Apple confirmed. However, that’s not the only problem with the MagSafe Duo. As users have noticed, the collapsible twin charger also causes problems with the Apple 13.

Space Adventures, a tour operator for space flights, announced in February 2020 that it would send four paying customers on a five-day excursion into space. The mission, planned for the end of this year, was to take place in a Crew Dragon capsule from the private space company SpaceX. But nothing comes of the flight. Space Adventures has let the reservation with SpaceX expire, as a spokeswoman told SpaceNews: “We have offered the mission to a large number of potential customers, but price, timing and experience did not go together in the end.”

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Brief information: Sono Motors, shortage of skilled workers, Apple Watch, SpaceX