Barça, listen to Laporta: “Koeman? I had to fire him first. I’m not talking about Xavi … “

The Blaugrana president introduces Sergi, who will be on the bench against Alaves and Dinamo Kiev. And on the future coach: “I want to respect him and the club where he works. I don’t know him as a technician, but … “

From our correspondent Filippo Maria Ricci

Waiting for Xavi Hernandez, here is Sergi Barjuan. Barcelona sacked Ronald Koeman on Wednesday and will play for Alaves tomorrow. And Tuesday in Kiev with Mircea Lucescu’s Dinamo. Too little time to snatch a manager from another team, even if the relationship is good. So while he continues to negotiate with Xavi and with Al-Sadd, the Qatari club that pays his salary, Joan Laporta sat next to Sergi to introduce him as interim coach and the match against Alaves tomorrow.


The president took the stage, and more than tiqui-taca he bolted. “Let me not talk about Xavi, out of respect for him and the club he works for.” Of the 25 questions received by Laporta and Sergi, 16 were for the president. Who admitted that he was wrong with Koeman: “Yes, I thought about it a lot and probably the decision to fire him had to be taken first. But he is a legend of the club and he deserved our trust, we wanted him to recover the injured and try. But the situation became unsustainable and we had to take a drastic decision ”.


The questions about Xavi obviously happened, and Laporta went on defense to sweep. With some difficulty. Because they reminded him that in February, when Xavi appeared to be the manager of choice for Laporta’s rival in the March electoral process, Victor Font, Laporta had said that “Xavi needs to gain more experience before he gets to Barça”. Today like this: “I have always talked with Xavi. In the election campaign and even after. We are friends, we have shared great things here at Barça and we hear from each other often. I haven’t changed my mind about him. I don’t know him much as a coach but the references I have are excellent ”. So why didn’t he choose him when he told Koeman in June that he was taking 15 days to decide whether to continue with him or not, they asked him. Laporta on the ropes insisted on the theme of the trust that had to be given to Koeman because he had taken the club in a difficult moment and because he is a legend of Barcelona. But dodging the answer about Xavi.


Laporta had to say about Xavi and did not like his approach to Victor Font, but now the situation has precipitated and personal matters must be put aside. So forward with the former ‘cerebro’ of the Barça di Guardiola midfield, hoping that the miracle of Pep can be repeated. “I don’t know when we will be able to have a new manager, next week or after the international break. We are not in a hurry. There is Xavi and there are other options – said Laporta. – In the meantime, however, we have Sergi, on whom we are counting without reserve. He will be on the bench tomorrow and Tuesday in Kiev ”.


Sergi Barjuan, 9 years in the first team and a lot of singing as a boy and as a coach, nodded: “You can’t change many things in 24 hours, but my idea is that the joy will come back.” Laporta believes in it: “We can do well in all competitions: football is not an exact science, it has an empirical factor that makes it attractive and unpredictable. In Liga we are there. The championship is very open and we play it. Starting tomorrow “. For now, trust and optimism to fight depression and the fear of normalization. Then hopefully Xavi will do as Guardiola.

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Barça, listen to Laporta: “Koeman? I had to fire him first. I’m not talking about Xavi … ”