a single wall-mounted product for the management of the whole house

Forget the “mosaic” of buttons and thermostats, DO.Tatto combines multiple functions in a single product with customizable icons and colors DO.Tatto is renewed! Dovit presents the new touch buttons and thermostats. Contemporary, elegant and easy to use, the DO.Tatto range allows the creation of modern and innovative solutions. Associated with our DOVIT smart home ecosystem, … Read more

Ming-Chi Kuo: Apple Augmented Reality Glasses Will Get M1 Processor, 6-8 Optical Modules And Will Be Out In Late 2022 | Gadgets News

Most reputable source of leaks about future Apple products, Ming-Chi Kuo, shared another portion of rumors about future augmented reality glasses from this company. In the summer of 2019, he announced that their production would begin from Q4 2019 to Q2 2020 – and he was obviously wrong. It is possible that Apple really had … Read more

Lucid Air Dream Edition Range vs Tesla Model S Plaid and Others: Real Fast Charge Speed ​​Comparison | Gadgets News

Our colleagues from InsideEVs shared measurements of fast charging of the Lucid Air Dream Edition R – the electric car with the largest, for today, the power reserve on one charge. Previously, they tested several other models in a similar way, including the Tesla Model S Plaid – here are their results: Lucid Air Dream … Read more

Astra: another full member of the space club | Gadgets News

The regiment of companies capable of launching cargo into Earth’s orbit has arrived – the lightweight Rocket 3.3 of the American startup Astra has successfully launched the first stage into an orbit at an altitude of 500 km with an inseparable test load (its mass is not reported). Astra Rocket 3.3 consists of two stages … Read more

Intel 4004 turns 50 | Gadgets News

Intel 4004 celebrates its 50th anniversary today, which considered the world’s first commercially available single-chip microprocessor (Wikipedia). He has an area of ​​12 mm2, 2.25 thousand transistors, clock frequency 740 kHz, 4-bit data bus, 10-µm technical process and performance from 60 thousand to 93 thousand instructions per second. For comparison, a 30-ton tube computer ENIAC … Read more

The screen of the new iPhone 6s will detect various levels of pressure thanks to Multi-Touch technology | Gadgets

By @Ivancernadas Every time September arrives, at Apple’s annual meeting with the media, it always surprises us with some revelation on its new products. The latest from the Cupertino company when it comes to the mobile market is the new 3D Touch feature present in its recent iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. The apple … Read more

Intel Core i9-12900K vs i9-11900K vs AMD Ryzen 9 5950X: сравнение производительности | Gadgets News

На днях состоялся релиз анонсированных в конце прошлого месяца шести десктопных представителей семейства Alder Lake, 12-го поколения Core. Фактически эти три процессора, отличающихся между собой только наличием (K) или отсутствием (KF) встроенного ГПУ Intel UHD Graphics 770: Цена(мелкооптовая) Кол-во ядер(потоков) Частота P-ядер(базовая / турбо) Частота E-ядер(базовая / турбо) TDP(базовая / турбо) i9-12900K / KF $589$564 8+8 … Read more