Audience scandal after the summit: “This is not good for Swedish football”

Messy after Malmö FF-AIK: “Do not belong here in the arena”

MALMÖ / STOCKHOLM. Malmö FF beat AIK in the summit.

Afterwards, riots broke out in the stands and Bengali fires were thrown back and forth between the supporter groups.

– It does not sound wise, says Anders Christiansen.

– We have a handful of employees who are injured, says MFF’s CEO Niclas Carlnén.

Malmö FF beat AIK 1-0 and took three heavy points in the Allsvenskan gold battle. But a moment after the final signal, boring scenes appeared in the stands.

A confrontation arose between the supporters and in the TV broadcast it was seen how a burning Bengal was thrown back and forth.

– I think it’s a bit counterproductive to stand and complain to the police and then you want to start a giant fight inside the arena. Take it outside, it does not belong here in the arena, says the expert Jens Fjellström in Discovery +.

“Gives the police an argument”

Throughout the season, supporters from virtually all Allsvenskan teams have sharply criticized the police’s working method and even before Wednesday’s general meeting, a joint protest was held with slogans such as “drop the condition ladder” and the like.

– This only gives the police arguments that the supporters do not want them to have, says Jens Fjellström.

First in a long time

This was the first major incident inside an arena in a long time.

– This is not good for Swedish football, we have got the audience back, it has been great tifon and great atmosphere, this takes away a lot. It has consequences, that’s how it is. That is not good, says Alexander Axén.

AIK coach Bartosz Grzelak did not see the events in the stands afterwards, but says:

– It does not sound good at all. That sounds dangerous. But I can not comment on it more than that.

– Football is for the fans, but it must of course be done in the right way, says Malmö’s coach Jon Dahl Tomasson.

Almost all players avoided commenting on the audience scandal. Alexander Milosevic said, however, that he thought the situation was “sad” and Christiansen filled in:

– It does not sound wise.

MFF employees were injured and have received medical care

MFF’s CEO Niclas Carlnén could tell a little more afterwards.

– We know that we have a handful of employees who are injured. I do not know exactly how many yet. Afternoon meeting is going on now and then we will watch the movies that are available. A police report has probably already been made and then we will see what the police investigation provides.

Do you know how seriously injured they are?

– It is not so seriously injured. There are those who have received medical care but I do not want to say more than that. It’s not like anyone got transportation from here, as far as I know.

Are they burnt?

– That is not my opinion now.

How are they then damaged?

– I will not say more.

But it’s about MFF employees?

– Yes.


– I’m just saying employees.

Do you have guards employed?

– No.

“It’s really, really bad”

Is this not good for your work against the condition ladder?

– It’s not good for anything. This is the exact opposite. I would like to say that it is really, really bad.

Do you know how it started?

– No, I heard about it and came out and saw it when it had already started.

Does not this play into the hands of the police and their escalator?

– I can not answer that. I must say that we make the arrangements according to the conditions we receive. It’s too early to tell. I need to see what happened first before I make another assessment, says Carlnén.


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Audience scandal after the summit: “This is not good for Swedish football”