A little hope of starting the spring play at home to the Czech national team remained. But the premise is a lot …

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And there are also Poles here. Although they finished the group with only 14 points, the difference in score of +8 goals still gives them hope that they could slip through the first sextet. At the same time, they will look forward to Group G, where only the last duels between the Netherlands and Norway, resp. Montenegro and Turkey will decide the final ranking and final points gains.

Simply too many premises for the Czech national team to have hopes for some of the first six places that give the advantage of a domestic environment of real contours. It is much more likely that she will face the opening duel of the playoff semifinals to advance to the 2022 World Cup on the opponent’s field.

In Italy, Portugal, Scotland, Russia or Sweden …

The Czech national football team is withdrawing its commitment in the playoffs for the World Cup

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“We were able to help ourselves by getting from second place to the deployed teams and thus playing at home,” Šilhavý’s assistant Jiří Chytrý was reconciled to a reality that the national team will probably not avoid before Tuesday’s qualifying finale against Estonia.

First of all, it is necessary to recall the form of the innovated playoff for the championship in Qatar. It will include ten teams that will take second place in the qualifying groups and two teams that have won their group last year’s League of Nations. Thanks to the championship in the League of Nations, Austria and a worse team from the pair Wales and the Czech Republic, which will end up in third place in Group E, are sure.

Coach Roberto Mancini did not lead Italy directly to the World Cup.

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The barge is attended by 12 teams, divided into three four-member groups, the composition of which will be decided by drawing lots on November 26.

In groups, however, the system will not be played on a one-on-one basis, but the lot will be determined by the pairs. They will compete in only one match in March next year (March 24 and 25). In the semifinals, the six teams from the second places that received the most points in the qualification will have the advantage of the home environment. In the five-member groups, all matches played are counted for them, in the six-member groups, the results with the team that finishes last in the table are cut.

The organizers of the three final matches (March 28 and 29, 2022), whose winners will complete the ten European participants of the World Championship 2022 advancing from the first place, will be determined by lot.

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It also follows how important it was for the Czech national team not only to finish second in the group, but also to collect as many points as possible and to have the best possible score.

Before the duel with Estonia, he is third in the table with 11 points on the account and a score of 12: 9. In the case of victory in the last match, she collects 14 points, which does not guarantee her second place. He needs to lose Wales to Belgium in a parallel match and the Czech team beat the Estonians by at least a two-goal difference. The order is decided first by the number of points, then the difference in score, followed by a larger number of goals scored and only then by mutual matches.

However, even the second place does not give the Czech team the certainty that it will get among the six best teams from the second places and will be able to benefit from the advantage of the home environment.

Five teams are already better at points.

The Italian national team Emerson during a duel in Northern Ireland, in which the favorite played only a goalless draw.

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In the completed group A, the Portuguese have 17 points, in the finished group B the Swedes have 15 points, in group C the Italians 16 points. In group F, Scotland collected 17 points after deducting the results with Moldova, in group H Russia has 16 after deducting the points gain with Malta.

And then there are the Poles, who surprisingly lost 1: 2 to Hungary at home on Monday, however, in the group they collected 14 points after deducting points from the duel with San Marino and the difference in the score is +8 goals. In order for the Czech national team to overtake them, they would have to beat the Estonians by at least six goals or five goals with a result of 7: 2 and higher.

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And in the game, there is also a fight for second place in group G. Turkey still has Turkey, which, like the third Norway, has 18 points. After deducting the six points gained with Gibraltar, both teams are only at twelve points. In the last round, Turkey plays in Montenegro and Norway in the Netherlands, which leads the group with 20 points. They can shuffle both matches in the order in the table. Therefore, in order to maintain their chances of placing in the top six, the Czechs must wish that the Norwegians will not win in the Netherlands and that the Turks will not gain three points in Montenegro.

Table of teams in second place
Portugal 8 17 +11
Scotland 8 17 +7
Mask 8 16 +16
Italy 8 16 +11
Sweden 8 15 +6
Poland 8 14 +8
Wales 7 14 +5
Northern Macedonia 8 12 +3
Turkey 7 12 +1
Finland 7 11 +2
In the first column of the country, in the second the number of matches played, in the third the point gain, in the fourth the difference in score

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A little hope of starting the spring play at home to the Czech national team remained. But the premise is a lot …